Mongoose: Fiona Hill Works for George Soros — Is She Also a Genetic Man?


No direct knowledge. The plot thickens.  Has Fiona Hill ever been properly investigated?  Was her background investigation compromised by internal traitors? Tip of the hat to American Intelligence Media for this overview with documentation.

Fiona Hill is a fake Russia expert from Harvard who was planted to destabilize Russia-American relations for the Pilgrims Society

She worked for George Soros — this is documented.

Read full report with many links.

Phi Beta Iota: Article includes challenges to the two Vindman brothers, BOTH working in the White House, giving rise to the obvious question: who is staffing the White House with people whose loyalty to the USA is so clearly not assured? And is Fiona Hill actually a genetic man? Has anyone actually confirmed her DNA and her original sex? Apart from the Pilgrims, have her ties to the Zionists and their unregistered foreign agents in the USA been checked? In our view, DNA checks for White House access need to mandatory, and should become part of the TS/SCI clearance process generally.


The Guardian: What DNA can tell us

Sex. The simplest thing DNA can tell you is whether someone is male or female. Apart from some very rare cases, that doesn’t even involve looking at their DNA sequence – all you need to know is whether they have X and Y chromosomes (making them male) or a pair of Xs (which makes them female)