Ilija Lakicevic: Know Self, Know God – Cosmos is Mind-Soul Energy — Protection from 5G & Other Forms of Radiation Now Possible

The True Concepts, Laws and Equations of Creation

Abstract: From the measured results and the axiom that the universal balance is infinite and eternal for it is ONE – a singular quality – as well as by using consistent logical reasoning, the following main conclusions have been drawn: motion and matter are an illusion which is caused by the division of the WHOLE into PARTS; Man’s Mind is one with God’s Mind; human beings are consciousness who create an illusion of motion through thinking; consciousness is eternally integrating and controlling existence by moving its own….

Thanks to the consistent pursuit of my Leitmotif “The Authority of Truth rather than the Truth of Authority” I have experimentally proved the true atom, cell and particle “ATON” concept. According to the “ATON” concept, atoms, cells and particles are made of light which are spinning around the centering Mind (Spirit) points (the black holes). Nature expresses energy as electric potential in only one way, which is the same way both for the atomic and for the stellar scale: by projecting mentally the rings of visible light which are spinning around the centering Spirit points. This amazing beauty of creational simplicity is the basic fundamental truth of the science that is based on the knowledge of the cause.

PDF (24 Pages): Lakicevic Mind Energy Creation

Biography: Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Research Professor