Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Trumped, Under Investigation?

Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Trumped?

DarkCyber does not have a dog in this fight. The fight? Jeff Bezos versus the President of the United States. If the information in “Trump Bezos Round 2: Amazon Faces Broad Antitrust Probe of Cloud Business” is accurate, lawyers involved in the matter will have a very good chance to generate some billable hours.

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ROBERT STEELE: Amazon did not win the JEDI contract for at least three reasons: first, they are not yet skilled at manipulating the DC system the way Microsoft is; second, they did not implement all of my ideas from my 2007 briefing to them (and never called back, just filed patents inspired by one fifth of my ideas); and third, the JEDI selection team has no clue just how broken Microsoft is or how good Amazon is — and Amazon did a crummy job making their case. Amazon has enormous potential — and if Jeff Bezos will buy the Redskins and rid us of Dan Snyder, I will devote myself to his success. Amazon does not know what it does not know, and it has been arrogant and full of ethical lapses that will lead to its demise.  The US Chamber of Commerce and the national retailers associations are paying for some heavy-duty lobbying to take Amazon down precisely because it has corrupted its brilliance with predatory behavior and its “gobbling” of clients like NetFlix has been noted. It not too late to fix, but Bezos needs to get outside his myopic circle of technocrats and get a grip on what some of us have been trying to tell him for over a decade. Amazon can and should win the JEDI contract, but lawyers are not how they do that.  Buy the Redskins, turn the Washington Post into a Public Daily Brief that is not critical of the President, and commit to implementing the rest of my ideas without the predatory unethical behavior, and this is a doable do.

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