Berto Jongman: How to End US Militarism — Peter Beinart

Berto Jongman

How To End American Militarism: A Conversation With Peter Beinart 

Responsible Statecraft recently spoke with Beinart and asked him about his journey from a self-proclaimed “liberal hawk” to a strong opponent of American militarism, perhaps as a way to provide a model for DC foreign policy establishment-types interested in making some changes of their own.

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ROBERT STEELE: 9/11 woke me up to the treason embedded across our system. Subsequent reading has led me to realize that Plato’s cave (people see and react to the shadows on the cave wall rather than to reality) is alive and well. Beinart means well but he is talking to the threatrics, not to reality.  Reality is that war is a profit center (which human trafficking, organ trafficking and other related aspects are also profit centers), and the so called “establishment” is really nothing more than theatrical troupe manipulating public perception in favor of evil in our name and at our expense.

General Smedley  Butler (who also refused to participate in a coup against the President) said it first.  War is a racket. President Donald Trump’s greatest legacy could yet be, apart from restoring prosperity at home, ending endless war and regime change abroacd.

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