STOP BitBurning: Class Action Lawsuit Free Speech vs Big Tech (#GoogleGestapo) Censorship

Free Speech vs. Big Tech Censorship

Hear Us, Big Tech!!!

We are Tired of your Censorship.
The Shadowbanning
The De-Boosting
The Deplatforming
The Banning
The De-Monetization

The War on Independent Media and Content Creators.

Of having our voices muted while you lie.

Of having our businesses destroyed after years of hard work building YOUR platforms with OUR creativity, passion, and content.

Of having you pick sides in a political war and violate our most sacred of inherent rights. The Right to speak out against Deception and Injustice.

And, we’ve Had Enough!

The Campaign has created a conversation among Content Creators – in fact, we just had our third installment of the online meetup each month and again, we’ve doubled! Our combined subscriber counts are in the 10,000,000 + Range, and growing. Major voices whose names carry weight with millions of people are at this Round-Table discussion. And they are FED UP.

And that conversation is about stopping censorship in the courts. Because Together – We can Beat Censorship.

Together we can Stop the Bit Burning.

“If not us, who?
If not now, when?
Stop Digital Censorship.
Stop Bit”

– Dustin Nemos (Founder of


– StopBitBurning team.

Our reaching the censored content creators to unite them against censorship relies on YOU spreading the message! Never has it been so easy to directly be part of solving the problem of BITBURNING!

If you support this message, SHARE IT

While you still can.

PS: Hiring an experienced attorney who handles complex litigation matters where the stakes are high is very expensive. One hour retainer is $350, and The expected total cost to stop big tech censorship (before appeals) is around $200,000.

Please contribute to the StopBitBurning Legal fund. I am asking for donations over $350 to cover an hour of services, however more modest donations are also accepted.

Click Here – contribute to Stop Bit Burning lawsuit against big tech now >>

Phi Beta Iota: The above fund-raising message is from Dustin Nemos. We receive no money from this campaign, and are sharing the above message as a public service.

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