Berto Jongman: Half US Troops Consider Russia an Ally [Robert Steele: Pentagon Freaking Out Over Growing Anti-War Sentiment Among Troops and Across America]

Berto Jongman

Pentagon Concerned Russia Cultivating Sympathy Among US Troops

The second annual Reagan National Defense Survey, completed in late October, found nearly half of armed services households questioned, 46%, said they viewed Russia as ally.

ROBERT STEELE: Voice of America has never been very good at telling the truth or deep analysis, it is a puppet for the Deep State and Shadow  Government. Leadership positions at VOA are how the Shadow Government remarks mainstream journalists willing to spend a career telling lies on command.

The SUB-TEXT here is that there is growing anti-war sentiment among troops tired of endless war, even with 3-6 contractors supporting them with exquisite food courts in the middle of every war zone, air conditioned tents, and more. Tulsi Gabbard is the only public person today capturing this, never mind that she is deceptive about her military past (Congressional staff, enlisted military police, commissioned into nurse administration, not at all a “combat veteran”).

With 75,000 amputees and over 260,000 veterans in deep mental distress as certified by their PTSD disability (and the VA still in chaos and back-logged), which is really happening here is that at a gut level our troops are now — heavens — questioning authority. They are starting to ask about illegal wars, crimes against humanity, why we are spending trillions for Israel and Saudi Arabia  while wreaking havoc across Africa and Central Asia with nothing to show for it (other than profits for the banks), as our own President has so wisely pointed out.

It merits comment that the Pentagon budget, which is 50% waste, is also cover for totally illegal and unauthorized programs including the deep space fleet and Deep Underground Military Bases that are doing, among other things, trully reprehensible genetic experiments on humans. Our military bases are being used as lily pads for human and drug trafficking as well as gold, guns, and cash smuggling.

It’s time our President stop pontificating about a “strong military” and get a grip on the human factor.  We have now destroyed TWO generations of American young people, and are about to destroy a third.  ENOUGH!

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