Stephen E. Arnold: Is Amazon Concealing Its Core “Policeware” Aspect?

Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: What Does the S Team Do without a Policeware Leader?

You can get the list of S Team members in “Amazon Expands Bezos’ Elite ‘S-Team,’ Adding 6 Execs from Emerging Branches of the Company.” DarkCyber believes that there is a commitment at Amazon for policeware and developing services to assist authorities in determining if tax returns are on the up and up. The apparent exclusion of a designated policeware “owner” suggests that the company wants to continue its low profile approach to this high potential revenue sector.

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ROBERT STEELE:  When I was invited to lecture  the 2007 Amazon Developers Conference by Jeff Barr, their AWS leader, I gave it my all. The briefing is still visible today in both movie and graphics with script form. Within a year of that briefing, without consulting me further, Amazon started filing patents clearly connected to one fifth of my ideas. I can understand why  they made the choices they did, but I am very sad that they failed to call me back, failed to implement the world brain sense-making decision-support aspects of my earnest presentation, and today have some really big ethical issues. As with Google, Amazon is now doing great evil.  That can be fixed, but absent a major investment in the fullness of my ideas that were firmly rooted in ethics and public service and telling the truth, Amazon has become a monster, a cross over among CIA, NSA, the FBI, and DHS. It is now the heart of the police state.

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