Mongoose: Quantum Electronics = Mind Control?


In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics

Alert Reader expresses alarm:

This marks a major change in consumer electronics and means that the Alien ET back engineered technologies on quantum have been given the go ahead for domestication to general industry and corporations. As you know the NSA has used this for at least 5 years through Vesuvius quantum computer at Bluffdale Utah.

Quantum communication devices are here in Intel already and are the next step up from scalar radios used by select special forces and SOLIC for some years, P wave transmitter before that all of which are  not obstructed by hills and terrain, but quantum will be the best by far. Metals can be manufactured in zero gravity to be free of debris. Quantum transmission through the D wave (via Josephson Junctions are altered by any taps into them and display that at the receiver end.

Bottom line is that this is a major step to shove Cosmic Fascism into place.

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge.  From others we are hearing that remediation technologies are emergent that will block 5G and other forms of radiation that are — in their present state, ecocidal, genocidal, and able to target individuals by name.