Robert Steele: Ranking Member Devin Nunes Triumphs, Puts It In Writing — Will GOP Retake the House Under His Moral Leadership?

I gave up on Congress ever being honest or useful some time ago, but the ethical and reasoned voice of Representative Devin Nunes is so inspiring that I dare hope that the GOP will retake the House in 2020, and the new Chairman will undertake intelligence reform — intelligence (and counterintelligence) reform most easily achieved if former General and National Security Advisor Mike Flynn were to be named the Director of National Intelligence with full power to clean house.  The abolishment of the FBI should be on the table, along with the elimination of all CIA and Mossad clandestine operations across the USA.

Devin Nunes: “Dirty Cops At The FBI And The Department of Justice” Committing Obstruction Of Congress To Hide Anti-Trump “Spy Ring”

‘You Need Rehabilitation’: Nunes Letter Dismantles Schiff Over FISA Lies, Stroking Steele, And Participating In Coverup

My new book, REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in the Wilderness, is on Amazon now,*  and will be distributed next week to a few key people. Intelligence and counterintelligence reform is INEVITABLE. Kindle is live, but the printed version, which should appear today, is EPIC. Full color, 505 pages in 8.5 x 11 size, this is, quite literally, the handbook for reform. The printed version is the one I recommend. The first book in the series, REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told (Trump Revolution Book 45) was delivered to the White House and fifteen key defense figures. The third and final book in the series, REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything will be published next week.