Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Protects Genocidal Zionists

Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Has Given Israel Immunity To International Law

In the US the Israel Lobby has attempted to have the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, and the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act passed. However these acts clearly violate Constitutionally-protected free speech and protest, and Congress, although happy to please the Israel Lobby, doesn’t want to pass acts that the Supreme Court will obviously overturn. The ACLU opposes these acts on First Amendment grounds.

So the Israel Lobby has turned to Donald Trump to achieve by executive order what they have not achieved by legislation.

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ROBERT STEELE: Zionist Israel, never to be confused with Judaism or decent Jews who are loyal citizens all over the world, is an invented, criminal, apartheid, genocidal state and it needs to be terminated, with Palestine restored to the Palestinians. This is non-negotiable.  Zionist Israel does NOT have a right to exist, it is the Palestinians who have a right to repossess their homeland. I believe that history is on the side of the Palestinians.  I am also withholding judgment on the President — Q Anon has said “Zionists last” and I believe that in the second term, full disclosure on both 9/11 as planned and executed by the Zionists, and the nation-wide Mossad and ADL operated pedophilia entrapment and blackmail networks, will finish off the Zionists. If President  Trump will not do this then I and others will, for Zionist Israel is not just eradicting Palestinians, it is eradicating Americans. Zionist Israel, not China or Iran or Russia, is the “main enemy” of the American people — all of them, red, black, while, yellow and even green.

In the second term I also anticipate an end to the federal income tax as well as an end to all federal subsidies and tax exemptions. Our President appears ready to put the US Government on a sound business footing and put an end to what George Will calls “rent seekers.” If the President also starts defending the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and the federal government can no longer blackmail universities and others, then  this issue is going to be in the forefront, and Zionist censorship achieved with bribery and blackmail is not going to be effective.

America’s future is bright. America First means NOT Israel First.  #UNRIG.


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