Mongoose: Global Economic War — What’s Going On?


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One Black Nobility faction wants to crash the current system  . . .   This other faction supports the current central banking debt slavery system, does not want the system to crash and is backing the Fed.

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ROBERT STEELE: I have some indirect knowledge from talking to multiple parties including Ben Fulford, Neil Keenan, and three others who much remain anonymous, one of whom meets regularly with M-1 and White Boy, both of whom are very much alive.

As best I can tell there is over 50 trillion in assets backed by real gold and real land that has been mis-appropriated over time and is now “up for grabs” by White Hats. I have previously heard that President Donald Trump was able to pull $15 trillion early on that will back his economic stimulus in the USA in 2020 and avoid the meltdown that the Rothschilds and others previously planned.

What we also know is that 70% of the wealth claimed by the 1% elite is not backed by gold or any tangible asset at its origin — trillions have been “made up” by banks owned by the elite, literally fabricated out of thin air, and then used to buy tangible assets that could under the right circumstances be reclaimed after evidence of fraud (to include the short cut: repossession when the elite cannot document the source of wealth used to buy the assets).

We we also know is that between local publics, the National Guard, and the US military, it is possible to eliminate all absentee owners at the same time that federal regulations that have killed family farms, local butcher shops and more are eliminated — we can return to local self-sufficiency and state sovereignty.

We live in interesting times. President Donald Trump is in my view the best possible person to help us cross over — transition — from crimes of the past to communities of the future.

God Bless America, God Bless each of you, and God Bless Donald Trump.