Berto Jongman: Is Trump Crazy? Yale Says Yes, Steele Says No

Berto Jongman

I’m a forensic psychiatrist at Yale. I took a look at Trump’s letter to Nancy Pelosi — and it left me very worried

Bandy X Lee, MD, MDiv, Yale

ROBERT STEELE: Band X Lee appears to be a publicity-seeking charlatan. How Yale University can tolerate her is right up there with Harvard embracing Elizabeth Warren and her false claims of being a Native American. I have read the letter. It is detailed, measured, factual, and lists very real grievances that every US citizen should note before voting in November 2020.  This is what America has come down to — indiscriminate media playing false notes from what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls “intelligent idiots.” This woman should lose her medical license and she certainly should not be allowed to teach.

Read the letter, decide for yourself. Heaven have mercy on all Yale graduates.

PDF (6 Pages): Letter POTUS to Pelosi 17 December 2019