Matt Taibbi: Understanding Trump — How He Schlonged the Media to Gain an Unexpected Victory

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Best book review: Manufacturing Fear and Loathing, Maximizing Corporate Profits! A Review of Matt Taibbi’s Hate Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another

Best quote (Chapter 7): Trump turned the Washington Post and the New York Times into what the wrestling world calls “dirt sheets.”

Good interview:  Journalist Matt Taibbi Explains How Following The News Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Free Chapter 1: Ten Rules of Hate

ROBERT STEELE: I have ordered the book and may or may not do a review given the excellence of the Naked Capitalism review above. What jumps out at me is what both Matt Taibbi and Sidney Powell have covered in the three books below: the media is totally afraid of being sued by vested interests, and no longer in the business of investigative journalism in the public interest. Just as the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service no longer go after the rich (Wall Street crimes in the bllion dollar range), so also do the media avoid any scrutiny of high crimes and misdemeanors by corporate parties or even elements of the US Government — CIA and FBI have been completely protected from scrutiny despite clear evidence that elements of both are actively managing criminal operations including pedophilia blackmail of judges and others, across the USA.  The system is rigged and it is going to stay rigged until Donald Trump keeps all his promises, or a transpartisan team comes after him in 2024 that cannot be intimidated and that can, with a Web 3.0 truth channel, mobilize the public against all these evil-doers and their media and political servants.


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