CounterPunch: Andrew Levine on Sanders & The Jewish Question (Judaism is Not Zionism and Zionism is Irreconciliable with Judaism)

Sanders After Corbyn: The Jewish Question

It doesn’t help either that what was once deemed “a light unto the nations” has become an international pariah state.

How could any right-thinking person, Gentile or Jew, not think of it that way – after the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians living within Israel proper, the imposition of an Apartheid regime over Palestinians in the territories occupied by Israel during the Six Day War, and the increasing awareness of the fact that Palestinians living within Israel’s internationally recognized borders are, for all intents and purposes, second-class citizens?

The Holocaust has had to become Israel’s legitimization myth – not in the sense that it didn’t happen, obviously it did, but in the way that Zionists have come to use it to justify subsequent wrong-doing.

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