Robert Steele: It’s Time We Make War Personal to the Elite & Their Poser Managers….Call for Resignation of Esper, Pompeo, & Haspel

I hate war. I know war is a racket and a waste, just as General Smedley Butler so famously stated. We go to war for three reasons: because it is a concentrated profit center for he banks (peace is much more profitable but the profits are distributed across the public); because it makes poser managers like the Secretary of Defense very wealthy; and because the Deep State controls the media and can tell lies with impunity at the same time that the academy and non-profits role over and play dead. I do not condone assassination, but I do see the logic of making war personal. Mark Esper, Mike Pompeo, and Gina Haspel should all resign today and pray they are not targeted.  Below is going viral.  As it should.