Robert Steele: 5th WH Letter – Make the Deal, Mr. President!


Mr. President,

Hopefully you now see that you are surrounded by liars and traitors committed to your failure. The Iranians are toying with you, between putting $80M on your head ( you are worth much more) and threatening your golf courses — I am even wondering if they have your Wrestlemania publicity playbook.

Here is the deal, as stated by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on January 5, 2020:

The fair retribution, the fair price of his blood is this, frankly and clearly: the American military presence in the region. (Ending) the American military presence in our region (is the only appropriate revenge for the death of Soleimani).

To that I would add the immediate firing or resignation of Esper, Pompeo (who royally screwed you), and Haspel.

Esper is a piss-ant and a poser. He undermined you even further today on leaving Iraq. Pompeo does not merit your support as a prospective Senator. Haspel is a female Brennan.

My sources in both Russia and Iran tell me that Iran will not seek blood revenge if you fire at least one Cabinet member and leave Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, which is what you promised all of us you would do.

The meme, “Soleimani died that Palestine might live” is picking up momentum. If you quietly confirm to Iran that the restoration of Palestine by 2022 is on the table, all of this is OVER.

I am not overlooking your being aware that Obama gave 40-45 nuclear weapons to 8 Sunni kingdoms as part of his and Biden’s and Clintons taking in $60B in bribes. There is risk.

You have a tough job. To win the mother of all landslides you need to settle the Middle East, embrace #UNRIG (election reform that brings you Libertarians, Independents, and #Walkaways) and create the Open Source Agency that gives you the Trump studio, truth channel, grand strategy advisory group, and more.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele



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