Gordon Duff: Pompeo and Esper Set the President Up, Their Departure (and US Withdrawal from Iraq) is Not Negotiable

Intel Drop: Liar Liar, Trump Negotiating with Iran…Pompeo and Esper’s Heads on a Platter (updated)

Trump and Iran are negotiating through Russian intermediaries with meetings inside Syria. Putin’s visit to Damascus may well be part of this. This is a fact, live with it.

Mike Pompeo is responsible personally for the assassination of Soleimeni, who was next in line for Iran’s presidency and on a diplomatic mission to Iraq.

Trump’s only hope of surviving the “set up” is to destroy Pompeo and Esper, to leave them in history’s scrap heap with Benedict Arnold and George W. Bush.

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Robert Steele: WORLD WAR III? UPDATE 8: Trump Negotiating Via Putin, Heads of Pompeo and Esper (and Withdrawal from Iraq) on the Table