Stephen E. Arnold: The End of SciTech Publishing Silos? The End of Amazon?

Stephen E. Arnold

Why Sci Tech Publishers Fight Online Innovation: Money

Who reads academic papers? Give up. Answer: Other academics, students, and curious people with an interest in often arcane research.

Here’s another question: What characteristic do many of these journal readers share? Answer: A desire to zoom through information without paying.

“The Unstoppable Rise of Sci Hub: How Does a New Generation of Researchers Perceive Sci Hub?” explains:

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ROBERT STEELE: I explained this to Amazon in 2007, instead of hearing me on the good parts  they appear to have developed patents rooted in my ideas toward the police state side of things, not my intent at all.  It is not too late for Amazon  to become a force for good — to including offering free journals combined with research citation extracts for micro-cash — but in their present state of hubris I predict Amazon will be displaced by Alibaba, Yandex, and a new ecology of distributed capabilities that make the below graphics reality.

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