Marina Jacobi: Quantum Structure of Manifestation

The Quantum Structure of Manifestation

In the Quantum Structure, everything you see in front of you is a waveform of a sound whirlpool of magnetic and gravitational fields that when these sounds combine in trinity structure they become a hologram. The quantum field Matrix is made of one particle that holds the energetic force of the entire Universe. This one particle is created by the trinity sound Hz resonance.

When you add a sound of thought vibrational consciousness depending on the resonance Hz all that becomes a matter structure matrix hologram.

With this knowledge of how the Mechanics and the Alchemy/ metaphysical creation works you can construct and deconstruct matrix of parallel realities timelines of your existing hologram to your liking. You also will be able to control your reality and create a brand new earth of parallel reality for you to shift your consciousness into.

You then know that you ARE the ultimate creator and is no one outside of you.

In the quantum structure, you have to project to see it. Not to see it to believe it.

All that knowledge and more is in the Quantum Manifestation Series given to Marina Jacobi with Telepathic downloads to her from advance Races of existence.

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