SPECIAL: Sidney Powell Hands the FBI Their Ass — Flynn Case is OVER!

Michael Flynn defense: Suppression of FISA report warrants ‘death penalty’ for prosecution

Powell said on Tuesday that “contrary to the government’s response, the IG Report establishes that SSA 1 was chosen and inserted into the presidential briefing for the very purpose of collecting information on Mr. Flynn” and that “this act was outrageous government misconduct that alone warrants dismissal of this prosecution.”

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ROBERT STEELE: I have a feeling that house cleaning is about to begin in earnest at DoJ, FBI, CIA, and DoD, as well as the Department of State. There are easily 3,000 people who should be fired, starting with the 1,000 assholes calling for Barr’s departure. In my day that was called insubordination and it was a court martial offense. I nailed all this on 30 December 2016. There are also at least a dozen people that need  to be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail before Election Day. John Brennan is #1.

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