Robert Steele: Abolish the CIA and the FBI? Or Not?

Angelo Codevilla, who wrote a very good book that I reviewed positively, Informing Statecraft–Intelligence for a New Century, has called for the abolition of CIA.

Abolish CIA & FISA

Others, including myself, have called for the abolishment of the FBI, which was founded by a pedophile who pioneered political blackmail, and is  today worthless as a counterintelligence capability.

The case for repealing FISA and reforming the FBI and CIA

My  thoughts are below.

On the CIA, which I have discussed at length with Bill Binney and others who may return to service soon, the starting point for the President is that all US intelligence agencies are 70% fraud, waste, and abuse. However, each of them, including CIA, is about 30% priceless good stuff that should be protected.

In my view, if the President is  to achieve the goal of reducing the federal government by 50% while simultaneously ending the Deep State’s control of the federal government and the public treasury, then we need to be serious about intelligence and counterintelligence, instead of what we have now: bloated agencies that process less than 1% of what they collect and provide at best 4% of what the President needs and nothing for everyone else.

The next DNI — Mike Flynn with Bill Binney as technical deputy remain my  recommendations — should be tasked with eradicating up to 70% of each secret agency, and most if not all contractors, while consolidating the surviving pieces in a reconstituted CIA. Simultaneously an Open Source Agency, part of the Executive Office of the President and not subject to the DNI’s authority, should be created as “the President’s own,” and the foundation for a Presidential studio and truth channel that over time can both educate all Americans on all  topics while providing decision-support to both legislative and executive leaders on everything; and feed all possible open source information to the CIA — to the “high side” — to radically enhance all-source classified collection management and processing.

The FBI — and DHS — should be subject to the same 70% disestablishment, and both organizations abolished, with the surviving 30% of each treated in a different way: the FBI piece should become part of a new National Counterintelligence Agency that works closely with  the new SIGINT Directorate at CIA to eliminate all US traitors, elite pedophiles, and while collar criminals as well as black collar criminals, within six years.

Dismantling DHS will require care, but as a general rule most of it can be simply eliminated, starting with TSA. The US Coast Guard should move to DoD, the Secret Service back to Treasury, Immigration, Customs, and Border into their own agency.

Perhaps more to the point, the  time has come for a holistic analysis of the entire federal structure, both legislative and executive, to restructure around core missions, eliminate 70% of the “base” that has grown over time, eliminate with extreme prejudice all judicial and legislative functions created over time within the executive; and generally cancel 80% or more of all federal regulations.

Others smarter than me can deal with the larger issues.  Within the world of intelligence, I believe my concepts as outlined above serve the President and the public better than those advocated by others.