Sacha Stone: Tear Off the Mask & Dream Wisely!


The Great 2020 Corona theatrical production is a holocaust scenario of the imagination. It is the unholy alliance of maniacal rogue bureacracy (all bureacracy is rogue), coupled to endemic stupidity of the herd. It depends on abnegated life-force to thrive and survive. Until or unless you and I determine otherwise.

Fear is the key….ensouled humans the prize.

Graphic and balance of manifesto below the fold.

The ‘virus’ is a real (albeit mundane) detox phenomenon occurring simultaneously within all living eco-systems, repulsed by invasive frequency radiations unleashed upon people and planet by the ‘Parent Corporation’. An old Atlantean storyline which we are purging from the gestalt.

Ergo, it is also a projection (imagining) of the unresolved collective mind, manifesting as enforced isolationism across the world. This isolationism is totemistic of nothing more than the ‘trial of separation’….the primary trauma imprint of humankind. Apparently we wish to auto destruct our global social~economy by reflexing to the tyranny of hyperbolic propaganda and epic deceptions….in order to live-out that ‘trial of separation’, before finally transmuting it into a higher logic. The universal logic of unity. A rekindling of matter to spirit.

In this way we can awaken from this tired and ignoble dreamspell. Perhaps….to embrace the sun. Both the outer and the inner (Christed light). Which is the only true path to our redemption and absolution.

The pantomime of hysteria we permission is so banal and so ludicrous, that it will almost certainly embarrass us into a seismic shift in consciousness, both individually and collectively.

If not, then indeed we should perish to the folly of our mutant imagining. What ye reap ~ so shall ye sow.

So, as the sage flamekeeper continues to say…..tear off the mask and learn to dream wisely!

Arise Homo sapiens! ?

(Sacha Stone) March 2020

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