Robert Steele: Are Gordon Chang and Steve Bannon Zionist Agents? Waving the Bullshit Flag on Accusations Against China

Gordon Chang and his new book blaming China for everything should be suspect, immediately, of being a Zionist cover-up.  Steve Bannon, who never washes his hair (and may not bathe very often) should be immediately suspect of having taken Zionist coin in his desperation.

The accusations against the Chinese Communist Party are BULLSHIT.

I nailed this in my original article.

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Chang is full of shit — a dirt-bag who appears to be an agent of someone — undetermined — intent on attacking both China and South Korea. He has ZERO intellectual and ethical integrity with me.  Bannon is a complete loser, always casting about for his next sound-bite.  A grease-ball.

This is a FAKE PANDEMIC.  NY and NY particularly are lying to us and running  a massive medical simulation. This may be by Presidential order, as we prepare to treat 100,000 children being brought up from the pedophilia tunnels under New York City (and across the country).

Allow me to recap:

01 Bio-engineered virus dropped by the Zionists, not by the Chinese.

02 5G is a major contributor, lowering immunity and imposing radiation sickness

03 The media information war — NOT the virus which is nothing more than the flu — is what collapsed the global economy.

04 INSIDER TRADING is the core underlying motivation and benefit for the Deep Stae.

05 NOT CLEAR is the degree to which the President is using this FAKE PANDEMIC to keep innocents from harms way so as to facilitate the clearing of the pedophilia tunnels and the rescue of the children.

There is a lot I do not know and do not understand. On balance I consider Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci to be traitors to the USA who should be under deep direct investigation. I pray that we will resurrect this country by Easter Sunday.


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