Robert Steele: Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

Mr. President,

If you do not announce a return to normalcy today for normalcy with prudence from tomorrow, Friday 9 April 2020 (Good Friday and Passover) and in  time to fill the churches on Sunday (and other places of worship on their appointed day) you will have failed to be right with God and right with America at this most delicate time in our history and your presidency.

The US Constitution cannot and should not be suspended on the basis of lies.  The same people that did the  Trump Dossier and then the Imperial College fake model for a fake pandemic are now manipulating the media to deny 5G reality. I know you know all this.

The time has come to disgrace and dismiss Little Mussolini (Fauci); to investigate Bill Gates and all those who collaborated with him in  this fake pandemic, insider trading, and treasonous scheme to end your presidency; and to expel the UN and leave all UN agencies starting with WHO.

Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Shiva, Martin Armstrong, Wayne Jett, Mike Flynn, Bill Binney, and I are all out here hoping to help you reconstruct America.  I cannot overstate the loss to all of us if you fail to fill the churches this coming Sunday.

We can deal with 5G later as part of the reconstruction plan. For now, end the fear based on lies and get America back into church and back on track.

WWG1WGA — Let’s Not Go Over the Cliff on This One!

With the utmost respect and loyalty,
Robert David Steele