Yoda: Is Earth Facing Asteroid Attack?

Alert Reader writes in:

Once again, I have such a hard time with the real numbers and the unprecedented overreaction by most countries that THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING ELSE going on.  And what Masters states makes as much – if not more – sense than a plandemic instigated by Pharma and M.I.C./deep state worldwide. Weird thing is… no one touches it.  My list of things that do not add up for a non-existing pandemic but give credence to Planet X/Nibiru grows by the day.  And Masters remains very optimistic regardless.

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And this could be one more thing to add to the list of the 0.00033% “plandemic” fatalities increasingly doubtful. Official Iowa National Weather Service would have no reason and probably no authority to post this on their FB page unless they already had a pretty good idea what it is and they were given the OK from somewhere higher up the chain of command.

Possible meteor airburst in Iowa, U.S. National Weather Service reveals

Giant Meteor in Iowa Tuesday Morning?