Robert Steele: New Document Fries the FBI Generally, Peter Strzok Specifically — Time to Abolish or Split FBI Into Two?

New FBI document confirms the Trump campaign was investigated without justification

Hats off to Kevin Brock, former Assistant Director of Intelligence for the FBI, and clearly an honest man representative of the 90% of those working for the FBI, good people trapped in a bad system.  Here are his two best quotes from the above article:

…the document is an absurdity, violative of all FBI protocols and, therefore, invalid on its face. An agent cannot approve his or her own case; that would make a mockery of the oversight designed to protect Americans. Yet, for this document, Peter Strzok was pitcher, catcher, batter and umpire.

What this FBI document clearly establishes is that Crossfire Hurricane was an illicit, made-up investigation lacking a shred of justifying predication, sprung from the mind of someone who despised Donald Trump, and then blessed by inexperienced leadership at the highest levels who harbored their own now well-established biases.  

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I was among the first to call “foul” on the  Russian witchhunt, and have consistently stook with our President against the treasonous misbehavior of John Brennan at CIA and several officers at the FBI, along with Gina Haspel as Chief of Station London, and MI-6 as well as GCHQ actively attacking a future President with  their “dirty tricks.” The “special relationship” between the US and the UK is over — it could and should be resurrected, but rooted in ethics.

The FBI was founded by a pedophile who pioneered domestic political blackmail. While I strongly oppose revisionist history (e.g. attacking and taking down Confederate monuments that represent a legitimate war by the South for secession and an illegitimate war by the North for the right to loot), in this instance I think the time has come to disgrace the name J. Edgar Hoover and start over.

The FBI can and should be effective law enforcement agency, which means to me getting a grip on the data and the standards of effective community-oriented intelligence-driven policing across all 18,000 jurisdictions.  The banning of Zionist information technology and Zionist training (“treat the people like cockroaches”) as well as the use of military equipment, needs to be part of the re-boot.

Counterintelligence does not appear to be something the FBI (or CIA or DoD or anyone else) is able to do in the present politicized environment where virtually every Member of Congress is being bribed or blackmailed or both. We appear to need something new — and not remotely like the bureaucraticized, stove-piped, and largely worthless National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) or the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), both bloated bureaucracies lacking in street people and filled with contractors and overweight annuitants pulling a second paycheck after retiring from lackluster careers in any one of many agencies none of whom have ever achieved success in counterintelligence or counterterrorism.

There is much to be done. The juxtaposition of the intelligence and integrity displayed by Kevin Brock, versus the lack of intelligence and integrity displayed by Peter Strozek and his FBI chain of command, could not be starker. We need a purge, across the board.