DONATE DIRECT To LtGen Michael Flynn — Impoverished and Betrayed by Covington Law Firm, Rescued by Sidney Powell, But Needs Operating Funds Today

I join Rush Limbaugh, receipient of the Medal of Freedom, in urging all citizens who care about the future of this country to donate to the Legal Defense Fund for General Michael Flynn. He was impoverished and betrayed by the Covington Law Firm, in malicious cohoots with Eric Holder and other scum within the Obama Department of Justice and Obama FBI (the same FBI that pointed a gun at Bill Binney, a double-amputee, while he was in the shower).

I anticipate that Covington will be forced to refund the money they stole from General Flynn under malicious false pretense in active co-conspiracy with Eric Holder and James Comey and others, but in the here and now General Flynn and Sidney Powell need rent and gas money. I have just donated $1,000 made possible by all of you who have donated to me in the past month.

I am asking everyone who thinks I am useful to turn their eyes for one day to General Michael Flynn and donate.  My target for this message is $20,000. Rise up, deplorables! This man was left wounded on the battlefield, has been totally betrayed by our system of injustice, and is just now coming back to life toward exoneration and hopefully a return to serve our President as we begin the final purge of all the Obama hold-overs and traitors.  ACTION THIS DAY!

Rush’s Appeal

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