DefDog: Where Are You, Donald? We Want the Trump We Voted For!


Where Have You Gone, Donald Trump? A Nation Turns Its Yearning Eyes to You

President Trump simply can’t afford any more mistakes. America is burning. The nationalist that voters thought they were electing in 2016 needs to act.

Phi Beta Iota: Jared Kushner is the President Achilles’ heel, along with #UnwantedIvanka.  He will never clear his head as long as their undue influence is present in the White House. He may have to do full disclosure on 9/11 and Epstein — and eradicate the Zionist parasite — prior to  Election Day 2020.


Shocking Evidence Suggests Coordinated Effort To Orchestrate An Uprising Inside The United States

Israel Trains “Vast Numbers of Law Enforcement Officials” in Minneapolis