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I am playing around with a new web site,  with the intent of making the headlines (updated daily at each of the sub-pages) free, while asking for $11 a month to cover a private weekly report combined with a private weekly  webinar, both on Saturdays. Below is what I would have published this week if I were publishing the report.  What do you all think?

The Steele Report

Observations on the American Revolution

6 June 2020


There is good news.  Multiple sources are telling me that the global economic re-set will be concluded by the 23rd of June, with major portions of its taking place privately this week and next week. This means that President Donald Trump will have many more trillions of dollars to pump into the economy across training, infrastructure, rebuilding manufacturing and – not yet being discussed by the Administration – restoring family farms and sustainable agriculture across the country.

The bad news is that it is clear that the US intelligence community, and the National Security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) particularly, are screwing over the President and not doing their job. Bill Binney has gone on record as to how easily NSA could be mapping the entire Soros Sedition ecology, while also documenting the $200 trillion in illicit wealth creation by Wall Street. The President, and the Attorney General, are being shlonged by the secret world.

It would be most helpful to have Mike Flynn take over the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), firing Gina Haspel who was Chief of Station in London and co-conspirator with John Brennan and James Comey in the Russian witchhunt. If the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) were directed to oversee the process of transferring to a restored CIA the 30% or so of each secret agency worth saving (each becoming a new Directorate, e.g. Directorate of Signals Intelligence), while returning the 70% in savings to the Treasury, eventually closing down the DNI, we would be halfway to having a Smart Nation.  The other half is Bill Binney at NSA harvesting what needs to be harvested, and a new Open Source Agency (OSA) to create Web 3.0 and a Presidential Truth channel that cannot be censored or manipulated, while also providing decision-support for all threats, all policies, all costs, every day.

Hot Topics

Economy USA

Everyone has this wrong because they don’t understand that President Donald Trump is going to bringing to bear tens of trillions if not over a hundred trillion dollars confiscated back from Wall Street (stolen from Main Street by Wall Street via naked short selling and money laundering). The bad news is that in the near term we have 40 million unemployed, another 80 million under-employed, and both individuals and corporations are defaulting on their rent and going bankrupt. The good news is that we can create a new economy that is localized, self-sufficient at the county and state levels, and very much Made in America.

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Election 2020

Joe Biden is certain to be the candidate. Stacey Abrams – said by multiple Georgia cross-dressers to be a man – is so likely to be the VP selection that the ZioCons are writing a book for her to release in a month or so. Biden would be better off with Tulsi Gabbard.  All polls are wrong about his electability and right about one thing: the black vote will determine the winner. Mike Pence embarrassed the President by meeting with the Uncle Tom blacks – meanwhile Cynthia McKinney and Pastor Bill Owens are organizing the authentic black leaders.  Make the call, Mr. President.

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Fake Pandemic

On 12 February 2020 I published the definitive piece on the Fake Pandemic that consists of a bio-engineering drop by the Zionists, an orchestrated global media fear-mongering campaign, and a massive amount of insider trading focused on destroying the US and global economies to undermine President Donald Trump. Read that article here.

From where I sit, the fake pandemic has been leveraged by the President to end America’s dependence on China and force the issue of Made in America; and to test drive his war powers over industrial production. Although I wanted the country re-opened in time for Easter Sunday, the President appears to have decided that the public needed to see more Governors – and especially timid stupid Democratic governors – fail.

The new concern is that the Zionists will do a new drop of a real virus in September and October in a last ditch effort to derail the elections and force mail in ballots that can be manipulated by the Democrats and their Deep State masters.

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Soros Sedition

George Soros is both a fascist and a Zionist (Zionists are criminals never to be confused with those of the Jewish faith). He is joined in his sedition by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that is the co-sponsor of all #RESIST Meet-Ups across the USA, and the silent partner against the President on behalf of the Deep State. We need not belabor the obvious: the Minneapolis killing was a contrived false flag operation and all of the protests to date have been contrived and consist of paid provocateurs, Somalis imported by Obama, and white liberal dumb-asses.  All authentic black leaders across America condemn the protests and assert with great credibility that they did not organize them.  A few shills such as Al Sharpton, long owned by the Zionists, and several black celebrities managed by Rahm Emanuel’s family at the William Morris Agency, do not in any way represent the larger black population.



The gap between rich and poor continues to widen and nothing President Trump is doing will change that – if anything his rigged hand-outs are increasing the wealth of the 1% and not reaching the 99%. The fake pandemic has hit the poorest – most without unemployment insurance and most of them also at will or migrant hourly workers – the hardest.  Food insecurity looms for both the poor and the middle class – the just enough just in time logistics network was broken by the lockdown, many farms may not plant their next crop, food shortages could occur in the USA over the winter.

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Infectious Disease

The lies about the coronavirus continue.  Why Anthony Fauci is not disgraced, dismissed, and under investigation for multiple felonies is beyond comprehension.  The true cost of the lockdown based on lies will be with us for over a decade. Most interesting has been the clear establishment that most US citizens are now sheep and will wear masks despite all evidence to the contrary.  Unless President Trump restructures education during his second term, the day will come when the government will tell the public to eat shit and most of them will.

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Environmental Degradation

President Trump has reduced environmental “protections” and this is not necessarily a bad thing. The fake pandemic combined with war powers has allowed the president to radically reduce federal regulations, many of which are designed by the Deep State to repress small businesses and independent manufacturers. There are however continuing concerns including the threat to bees that pollinate crops; the chemical poisoning of aquifers from fracking, and the continued disappearance of rain forest.

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Inter-State Conflict (War)

Most of what passes for warnings of war today is theater. The US and China are not going to war, Trump and Xi are using the wrestlemania playbook. China does not threaten southern Asia as the media wishes us to believe. Kim’s illness has given pause to the unification of the Koreas sand the denuclearization of North Korea (after which US military forces will withdraw from South Korea), but both denuclearization and unification are inevitable. India-Pakistan could have casualties, Kashmir is – like Palestine – a festering wound that must be healed if the world is to have peace and the prosperity that comes from peace. Israel remains the spoiled and dangerous child in the Middle East, Iran remains the stabilizing adult. After re-election President Trump can and must end the invented state of Israel and join in a regional initiative to restore Palestine to the Palestinians. Syria continues to stabilize, but the continued predation of Israel must inevitably demand a military attack on Israel that Russia will support and the USA must abstain from opposing.

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Civil War

Mindful that Hillary Clinton sold Libya to the French and the French destroyed Libya just because they could and wanted a lower price on Libyan oil, that civil war is now over. Libya won, the French and CIA backed insurgents have been defeated.  Lebanon remains the abused child of the Middle East, much in need of an expulsion of all Israeli agent provocateurs.


The Congo is once again in the headlines, this generally means some Western power wants to steal more of the Congo’s resources and is inciting violence to manufacture an excuse to intervene. The horrific genocide in Rwanda remains with us as token trials begin. Enemies of China are manufacturing claims that China engages in “organ genocide.” Myanmar (Burma) may see broad deaths across the Rohingya refugee camps.

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Other Atrocities (e.g. Pedophilia, Human Trafficking)

The media continues to avoid the depth and breadth of human trafficking around the world and including Mormon cults that sell babies without birth certificates in Turkey for $50K each. Bangladesh, India, Israel, Malaysia, Nigeria, and the Philippines as well as the USA, are in the news this week.

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Russia, North Korea, Iran, and – never covered by the media – Israel are active. Perhaps of greatest concern is not the inter-state aspect of nuclear proliferation, but the continued insouciance over domestic nuclear plants  — most agent and destined to collapse if they are not flooded into disaster first (most are in flood plains) – and discussion of a plutonium bomb factory in South Carolina.

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See Soros Sedition for more on domestic terrorism organized and funded by Soros, the Democratic National Committee, and their Deep State masters.  There is no question but that AntiFa is a domestic terrorist organization, just as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an agent of a foreign power and the most active national network supporting #RESIST seditionist activities against the public good. Deeply troubling is the failure of the National Security Agency (NSA) to do real time processing in support of anti-terrorist endeavors by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The President has for a time lost both the media narrative battle and the counterintelligence battle.

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Transnational Crime

Not being covered by the media is the story of the century: the imminent possibility of President Donald Trump being able to leverage NSA data as well as an audit of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to directly confiscate over $100 trillion in assets (gold, silver, land, buildings, super yachts, private aircraft, condos, mansions, art collections) acquired with illicit wealth from naked short selling and money laundering.  See these two extraordinary cartoons and the words that go with them by Ben Garrison, America’s greatest conservative cartoonist:

Now watch Bill Binney, former Technical Director at NSA, describe how we have every email, text, call, and game chat by every naked short seller and money launderer – we also have all their offshore accounts and the specifics of each transaction.

Additional information is at

In more pedestrian domains, cyber-crime and fake pharmaceuticals continue.

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Farming in America is hurting. Many farms are still under six inches of water and the collapse of the just enough just in time logistics network has left many farms contemplating the possibility that they will not be able to plant their next crop. The bail-outs are not reaching small farmers. Our food system is not sustainable and our agricultural policy is somewhere between retarded and treasonous.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a blustering fool, a Zionist tool, a liar in league with the CIA liars who are continuing to undermine the President, and not even remotely competent as a “diplomat.” While the President is partially to blame for not demanding that US intelligence be purged and begin to do holistic analytics and true cost economics, as the most visible representative of the President abroad, Pompeo has to be called out for what he is: a disaster. He panders to Israel, is mocked by China and Russia, and ignored by Europe and Arabia. On a positive note, behind the scenes we are seeing Presidential – Supreme Leader dialog that could lead to a practical rapprochement with Iran pending the dissolution of the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel (not to be confused with Judaism, all Jews to live in peace and prosperity  in Palestine and elsewhere).

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We wrecked a $20 trillion economy on the basis of lies from the United Kingdom (Imperial College), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Gates Foundation. We put 40 million people into unemployment and destroyed the rental and travel and restaurant as well as retail markets. The US economy is being help together with very thin rubber bands pending a massive 30 trillion or so investment by the President combined with the total eradication of financial crime on Wall Street (a pre-requisite for restoring faith in the capital markets). Not yet being addressed in the need to create a completely new economy that is tangible (rather than the fraudulent financialized economy of the past), local, and sustainable.  Made in America. That conversation is not yet being led by the President and he has no one able to support the thinking on this. Nassim Nicholas Taleb is available, as are J. C. Cole and James McCanney.

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The fake pandemic has among many silver linings called into question both many jobs and most educational plans. The “Potemkin Village” of fake college degrees to quality for fake jobs so you can get fake credit to buy fake goods in now on full display. Home schooling has gotten a much needed boost. Remote learning (and video teleconferencing) are booming.  A most positive potential looms: making education free, based on proving what you have learned via testing.

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The media is not covering the looming likelihood of free energy nor the collapse of both solar and wind energy as now conceived.  They are not covering the genius of James McCanney, among others. “Green” energy is a scam. The way is open for a new form of sustainable wind energy combined with natural gas as the “topper” – what is clear is that oil has peaked and no one now in a top energy position can be trusted to devise a sustainable energy policy.

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The separation of families at the border is an atrocity. A mitigating factor is the reality that many children were not with their parents, but rather being trafficked. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not equipped to tell the difference. As the US economy is re-invented, it would be helpful for the President to be pushing for one-income families with one full time parent, and a return to the family centric neighborhood instead of latchkey children sentenced to eighteen years in soft prisons called “schools.”

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The USA withdrew from the World Health Organization (WHO). This is long overdue.  WHO is run by a war criminal with no medical degree who takes bribes from the Gates Foundation. The President should consider withdrawing from all United Nations (UN) Specialized Agencies, and expelling the UN from New York – that property can be put to better use as home of a new World Brain Foundation focused on connecting all humans with all information in all languages all the time – free.  The media – and governments – continue to portray the fiction of the virulent virus and the need for a vaccine – more lies. The time is long past due for the closure of the CDC and the elimination of vaccines at the same time that liability is restored for all medical and pharmaceutical companies.

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Immigration impacts on migrant labor, on the sustainability of state and federal assistance programs, on disease, and on the overall culture of the Republic. The shift decades ago from high value workers to family members was contrived by the Democrats to increase prospective voters for leftist globalist government hand-out agendas that are prized by the Democrats mostly because half of every hand-out is lost to corruption among officials and “non-profit” managers along the way. The lack of enforcement (for example e-verify) makes illegal immigration a certainty for the foreseeable future. Not being covered by the media recently is the birth tourism, particularly from Asia – there is a need to eliminate the birthright to anyone born to foreign parents, a provision that applies now to births among diplomats stationed in the USA.

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The fake pandemic led to the release of tens of thousands of prisoners who should never have been in prison to begin with. The criminal justice system remains unfair to all lower and middle class persons, and black people particularly, while giving white collar criminals and especially Wall Street financial crime titans, a free ride. The fake protests over a fake death are consistent with the false leftist Deep State narrative that the police are out of control. While it is true that the police have been militarized and also brain-washed by Zionist trainers who tell them to treat US citizens as if they were Palestinians (as “cockroaches”), on balance the police are NOT guilty of excessive brutality and indiscriminate behavior with one exception: organized criminal network within the police, often with the assistance of the CIA and FBI, who pursue pedophilia entrapment, elderly estate theft, and other crimes, under the protection of their badges. Counterintelligence does not exist in the USA – the FBI is not allowed to investigate corrupt Members of Congress and that means that Wall Street, crooked Governors and Mayors and all others, are not being held accountable.

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The fake pandemic has shown that many more people can and should work from home – and it has shown that the public telecommunications and computing network is not secure. While the White House was warned about this in 1994 and instead of doing something allowed NSA to gut all computer and communications systems for their own monitoring convenience, in combination with the outrageous censorship and manipulation of information by #GoogleGestapo it is clear we need a national information network as a public utility. The US Postal Service (USPS) is not competent, but it could perhaps be used as foundation if Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, and a few others could be mobilized to create Web 3.0.

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The zero-trust society is here now and this is a major problem. Trust lowers the cost of doing business – of doing anything. A zero-trust society is a society in which nothing works and a great deal of time and energy and money must be spent on inspections. The protests, all of them contrived and organized as acts of sedition, demonstrate the incapacity of the US secret intelligence community generally and the FBI and NSA specifically. The government is not able to fulfil its functions and the social contract is thus further degraded.

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Water disasters loom at multiple levels across the USA, from vanishing aquifers to poisoned drinking water. The USA lacks a coherent honest water policy that assures sustainable potable water going into the next ten years.

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