Cynthia McKinney for Donald Trump: #UNRIG to #MAGA

Text Description and BitChute BackUp Below the Fold

In this clip of an interview with former CIA spy Robert David Steele, Cynthia McKinney, PhD talks about how to unrig US politics, which she says, begins with each of us unrigging ourselves first.

Cynthia is also a huge advocate for pardoning the Black Panthers and also Native Americans who are being held as political prisoners. Robert Steele suggests in the full interview that if Donald Trump would pardon these Native Americans and Black Panthers, he might see a big increase in political support.

NOTE: So many people have no clue about history, it is important to note that there is no connection between the Black Panthers, who were fighting for social justice for blacks, and #RESIST, or Antifa, the George Soros and DNC funded seditionist movement that seeks to criminalize being white.

Cynthia also talks about how many people see that Donald Trump was right when he said the system is rigged and that policy intervention is needed to actually unrig the rigged system! The President can — with specific tangible policy initiatives — easily achieve a black majority going into November 2020 but not with his present combination of black celebrities “made” by the Red Mafiya and the NeoCons. He needs authentic black leaders from Across America and he needs to connect with black communities at the grass roots or block by block level.