Cynthia McKinney for America: On Authentic Leadership & the Truth as a Foundation for #UNRIG #MAGA

Text and BitChute BackUp Below the Fold

In this clip of an interview with former CIA spy Robert David Steele, Cynthia McKinney, PhD talks about deep state leadership verses authentic leadership and the poll she conducted on this topic.

She also talks about the mainstream media propaganda as well as even the propaganda within some alternative media circles.

Cynthia talks about her father’s inspiration to her and the hardships he had to endure to help make change within the Atlanta police system many years ago.

Cynthia finishes this clip talking about how young black men may be the spark that ushers in the revolution here in American politics.

In the full interview, Cynthia talks more about the deep state, shadow government, Donald Trump, Black Leaders and Black History, Civil Rights, the Black Panther Party, the Black Panthers and more.