Berto Jongman: Another Nail in John Brennan’s Coffin?

Michael Hastings: Another Skeleton in the Brennan-Strzok Closet

1. FBI lied about not having an investigation into Hastings. Peter Strzok was central to that investigation. Alleges that Strzok is actually CIA employee used to manipulate FBI investigations for CIA “leaders.” Strzok grew up in Iran, associated with most rogue US intelligence operations gone bad.

2. Brennan was outsourcing intelligence and communications to the Chinese and others for John Brennan.  Say what?

3. Hastings almost certainly assassinated with “Boston Brakes” the computer chip that turns off the brakes, rams up the speed and steers the car to crash.

Phi Beta Iota: The source is not perfect.  The UK “Top Secret” letter at the end is almost certainly a forgery. Still, lots to reflect on here.