Deep State Freaking Out Part III: Caitlin Johnston on DNC as a Subversive Negative Force Against Authentic Change Movements

The Democratic Party Exists To Co-Opt And Kill Authentic Change Movements

Caitlin Johnston

Democratic Party leaders are currently under fire for staging a ridiculous performative display of sympathy for George Floyd by kneeling for eight minutes while wearing Kente cloth, a traditional African textile. The streets of America are filled with protesters demanding a total overhaul of the nation’s entire approach to policing. The Democratic Party’s response is to put on a children’s play using black culture as a prop, and advance a toothless reform bill whose approach we’ve already established is worthless which will actually increase funding to police departments.

ROBERT STEELE: The time has come to flush Congress, not only of all the DNC traitors who have been bribed and blackmailed by the Deep State, but also all of the GOP RINOs who have been bribed and blackmailed by the Deep State.  #UNRIG Election Reform Act, if passed before Election Day, will yield the Mother of All Landslides along with a whole new Congress in 2022 (the 2020 Congress will be on notice).