Anna von Reitz: Background on Municipal vs. Territorial Debts

After the Civil War, the two remaining groups of Federal Employees kept the fight going, even though both groups are technically owned and operated by the Pope.

One group, the Municipal Employees, known as the Federal Civil Service, fought with the South in the Civil War. The other group, the Territorial Employees, known as the U.S. Army fought with the North.

Finally, in the 1930’s, they agreed to collaborate against the interests of their actual employers — the American States and People.

They named their own “US Trustees” and set up a gigantic Public Charitable Trust.  The British Territorial United States kept the equitable title to this trust, while the Municipal United States got the legal title and all the juicy job contracts.

So — what happens now?

The Municipal Government is bankrupt and that bankruptcy is settling in about three weeks.  The Legal Titles will revert to the Territorial Government which is also bankrupt right now, and the whole trust will collapse when the Legal Titles and Equitable Titles combine under one ownership.

The immediate effect of acquiring all the Municipal assets will be to bounce the Territorial Government out of bankruptcy and leave it with a large profit.

Meanwhile, the actual owners of the trust assets have shown up and liened the assets.

Which means they finally have to deal with us, the American States and People, as the Parties owed their Good Faith and Service.

Pretty exciting times.

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