Yoda: One Astrologer Predicts Trump Triumph

Alert Reader provides an anonymous astrology reading.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President (14 June).

I think a lot of these military people have been involved in the coup that’s been going on since Trump was elected. General Flynn was a major threat to them, because he knew about a lot of corruption in the intelligence/military departments and was going to do an audit and an investigation about it. He had to be stopped. I understand it has a lot to do with Ukraine and the Iranian deal.

Esper has terrible planets these days, so whether he leaves office now or later, he’s pretty much toast. Notice how strategic all of this seems to be; the timing is suspect. Esper, Mattis, Kelly all come out and say things to make Trump look bad at the time when he’s most vulnerable.

I think the jobs report threw them for a loop, though. Starting late this week and then getting stronger through early July, a lot of the people attempting to overthrow him (Pelosi and all others) have frustrating planets, meaning they’re losing power. At the same time, Trump is under Jupiter, considered the good luck planet.

Trump’s planets get substantially stronger at the end of July, beginning of August.

They will not be successful in removing him, and despite all the voter fraud that will happen with this election, he’ll win, if my interpretation of the planets is correct.