Ben Garrison: Seeing the Future (Today) From Three Years Ago

Are You Ready to Welcome Your Progressive Overlords?

This cartoon was published nearly three years ago. It predicted our future, which has now arrived in full, ugly bloom.

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Actually, I’m not much of a prognosticator and my crystal ball broke a long time ago. In 2017 the incidences shown in this cartoon were already occurring. Now they’ve all become worse.

Expect to see more statues being torn down. Nancy Pelosi and her radical Democrats are all for it. They are for kneeling at every opportunity. After all, they hate America, and want to destroy our history.

We can’t stop idiots from electing politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, but we can refuse to take the upcoming ‘mandatory’ vaccine. Do not watch the BLMNFL. Do not wear or a mask—that’s kneeling to medical tyranny. Do not kneel to anyone. We have no reason to feel guilty for being alive and aware of what’s really going on.

Expect more madness, but refuse to comply.

Reminder, the “silent majority” grows more angry and larger everyday.