Steven Vervaecke: The Hazards of Telegram

Russia unbans Telegram

Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor said Telegram has agreed to help Russian law enforcement fight against extremist and terrorist content shared on its platform.

This is why i no longer advocate Telegram, It is a central app with all your data in a cloud controlled by a company that can be held liable.  The app is not secure with a homebrew security protocol which is leaky. Telegram is known to have censored accounts before and has the ability to check your normal chats(not secret chats) And now us law and russian law have forced Telegram to play the censor game.

The distributed web 3.0 is the only good answer to this

ROBERT STEELE: I am told by Bill Binney that NSA has all of the so-called private or encrypted communications channel (we have not discussed Signal but if NSA has CIA’s Green “secure” phones in the clear  they almost certainly have everything else). Ultimately the solution is going to come down to some mix of a distributed Web 3.0 mesh network free of the cloud, and specific one to one solutions I will not discuss here.

NSA today is a waste of money and resources and is betraying the President and the public . Priority one should be to harvest the 99% of the NSA data that has not been processed so as to eradicate all traitors, elite pedophiles, and both white and black collar criminals as well as the crooked judges and prosecutors that have been covering up “legalized” crime including child and drug smuggling by elements of the CIA and FBI.

After that NSA should execute Bill Binney’s meta vision as a Directorate of the newly-restored Central Intelligence Agency under a newly restored Director of Central Intelligence.

The Open Source Agency will take care of both Open Source Intelligence and Web 3.0 inclusive of trusted security, and in passing make possible Made in America with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

The only thing missing in the US Government is intelligence, integrity, and imagination. Will work for sushi.

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