Anna Von Reitz: Why I Support President Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I have lately been under attack for supporting President Trump—- so let me put it to you all in blunt terms.

Tonight at dinner I was surrounded by elegant well-educated people, all describing President Trump in disparaging ways, the essence of which was that he was not “credible” because he was gruff, because he had managed casinos and hotels as investments, because his family were relatively recent immigrants, because he has a foreign-born wife, because his daughter married a Jew and he has Jewish friends, because he is nouveau riche, because Rothschild-owned banking interests helped him through multiple bankruptcies, because, because, because….

To which I replied — for all that, I don’t care and I am sick of the so-called intelligentsia trashing this man, and saying that he is “not credible” and “not acceptable”.

Donald Trump is the only President in my lifetime who has kept — to the best of his ability— every campaign promise he made.

Every single one.

Even now, when his enemies have choked off his money and otherwise tried to ham-string this man, he continues to fight and to drain the swamp, which was the last promise he made to the voters of this country.

I long ago listened to Joshua, the one nearly everyone else calls “Jesus” though that is not his name—— judge People by what they do, and not by what they say. The tree by its fruits.

Donald Trump said many good things on the campaign trail, and those of us who have been paying attention can testify that every single thing he promised he has done— or tried to do— against greater odds than most men would ever dare to face.

And that is WHY I stand with Donald Trump.

That is why I care about him and want to work with him and why he is the only man who has a contract to act as Commander in Chief.

He is the first President in my lifetime to keep his word.

To all the oh-so-smart-so-politically-correct people of the world, that may not count—but to me, this means everything.

A man who keeps his word, is a man of character despite his faults and sins and errors. He is credible—- more credible than any President who has ever occupied the White House in my six-going-on-seven decades.

So all you sneering young people, and older people, too— who should know better— take a good, hard look at the record.

Donald Trump has kept his promises to the people who voted for him.

When can any of you remember anything like that happening? Ever?

And so to those who wink and nod and say, “Trump is not credible.” I say —/how credible are you? Where is your comparable record?

When have you kept your word half as faithfully as he has? And against greater odds?

When have you arm-chair quarterbacks gotten off the bench and weighed in to get the results you say you want?

When is the last time that you identified yourself as an American and gave the Congress a taste of what you really think of them?

When have you taken your responsibility for the government and destiny of this country, like Donald Trump has?

Do I respect Donald Trump? From the bottoms of his feet to the last strand of his “orange” hair? Yes, you bet I do.

And the reason is simple.

He is a man who keeps his word.

And all the other liars and cheats and scam artists and talking heads can just go soak their heads in the nearest toilet.

When I look at Trump’s record, it speaks for itself. And yes, I trust and respect this man.

He is not always right. There are times when he has taken bad advice and times when his hands were tied by circumstance —but in the end I can look at what he has said and I can match it exactly against what he has done.

What other politician in your lifetime has done that? And I can give you the answer—None.

And that is WHY I stand with Donald Trump.

Another reason beyond keeping his word, is the fact that he always tells the truth as he sees it.

In this great spiritual war, those criminals who seek the demise of mankind and the enslavement of our country and our world, do nothing but lie and confuse and pervert. Snideness is their stock in trade.

They couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended upon it, because they don’t have the Spirit of Truth in their hearts.

Donald Trump does.

It is a rare and wondrous thing to see an honest man in Washington, DC. Pause. Take a moment. Drink it in.

Donald Trump is the most “credible” man I have seen in the Oval Office in a long, long time.

And I am sick of all the brain dead pundits talking him down and casting doubts and aspersions on Donald Trump.

Name me one (1) other politician who kept all his campaign promises — or sit down and shut up.