Mongoose: COVID-19 Illegal Unsustainable Tyranny


Alert Reader sends this for all to consider.

COVID mandates are experimental and illegal!

Dave Martin interview!
One Radio Network

By Patrick Timpone



This is the best overall review of the Plandemic I’ve heard yet, and includes the legal precedents. I grabbed some quick notes while listening, but I recommend you listen to this and follow up with more from the website

Governors do not have legal precedent in any state for human experimentation during declared states of emergency. They are not authorized to go out on a limb and use police powers to practice medicine. Social distancing, face masks, stay-in-place – no evidence for any of these. Same goes for forced vaccines –

Key Legal Precedent: 1905 Jacobson case: Defendant refused to pay $5 fine for failing to vaccinate. Supreme Court ruled: okay to fine people who refused to vaccinate but never said anyone could be forced into an experiment. HPV vaccine was later tried to be forced on people, with a questionable clinical trial, in 4 phases in accepting a vaccine, and with a big gap between experimentation and established medicine. The state cannot just mandate vaccines according to the Supreme Court. All vaccines are legal and enforceable – but the public should not be forced into an experiment where there is no risk assessment for informed consent.

Experimentation issue.

Established medical procedure ruling by Supreme Court: Must be established medical evidence with protocols and existing regime with clinical trials, multiple years, not something you fast-track detection of post-vaccine adverse reactions – takes months and years to show up. Established protocols are already established. Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy’s freedom of information lawsuit – proved the government has no evidence. FDA protocol is already established, a 3-phase process, and without safety and efficacy data then is still in clinical trial.

Cannot force experiment on the population:

FDA published studies showing standards have been followed. Huge evidence showing gastrointestinal, IBS, leaky gut, already shown to be brought by GMO and Roundup, but the US government decided they were safe and effective. An unholy alliance between – any industry that requires a law to exempt it from liability knows it has something to hide – especially in the case of vaccine safety. 2011 Supreme Court case said okay for vaccine manufacturer to get immunity from liability even tho well-established info and they knew their product is not safe. SC said vaccines are inherently unsafe. ????

Unhinged the economy: $17 trillion economy brought to its knees. Will be remembered like the Hoover Administration, 40 million unemployed, collapse of small business, premeditated destruction of restaurants, bars, hotels over last few months, controlled demolition – passed a bill to future generations, but gutted the engine that can pay for it. Fatal blow in two steps: First, demolition — and second strike when states and counties can’t support schools and public services—at tip of iceberg of how dreadful this is. States are already on thin ice with pension funds.

Even if everyone in Texas say “Let’s get vaxed,” if it’s not safe and effective it’s a moot point. Supreme Court got into the question of belief with Jacobson case, to acknowledge there’s a belief reliance on notion that vaccines work. They said was admission that science required a belief and sufficient amount of evidence and community support, and if sufficient numbers believe something worked that they could set a standard to operate under police powers.

So that’s why we must become informed consumers. Clause in CA code, says if there are circumstances that a vaccine is not safe, due to family history, or a doctor doesn’t recommend — then a child is exempt from vaccine. The Community standard clause from Jacobson says there must be an admission in the SC decision that vaccine requires belief that it works, and can be a community standard, but they don’t say a community standard can override scientific evidence. There are immunizations done that are clearly unsafe, and the SC never said when safety and efficacy are not established we can be forced into an experimentation on our body. When a new vaccine pops up and should be mandated, there must be safety and efficacy data – and for Covid they don’t exist and can’t be fast-tracked. Even if places want to mandate testing – CDC, WHO and governors and state health officials are violating federal law; there is ample evidence their testing equipment are experimental. RTPCR or serology testing is a giant experiment, and informed consent can’t be given because we don’t know the pros and cons.

Pandemic scam has been justified, and they need tests to pretend there’s a prevalence of a virus. But from the beginning there’s been a forced union between presence of virus and disease, but data does not support it. Virus doesn’t cause the disease and majority of people with the virus have no symptoms. Forcing an illusion are: CDC, NAAID, WHO have lied from the beginning. CV is not causative of COVID19—but associated with atypical pneumonias. The lie we’ve been told is the virus causes disease, and the truth is there are cases where there is a clinical presentation that includes the presence of the virus but the majority of people exposed are healthy and have no need of any intervention.

CDC’s change of terminology – die with or from CV? Changing the story to make it fit the narrative: Maintain a state of emergency so financial and industrial wavers exist, so money can be shoved to states and liability waived. A Wild West moment – must maintain the illusion that people all ovwer are infected. But people are exposed to viruses and develop symptoms – but nobody can prove there’s anything unique about this CV with any other with reswpect to pathogenicity. The facts don’t support this.

LYING STATS: COVID cases, 6 million worldwide, tested with antibodies, but it’s a lie. Subtle manipulation of data. You can be tested, and COVID19 is a disease, pneumonia, fever, muscle ache, and clinical symptoms. When you see a report that says there are 100,000 cases or 6 million, that is a false statement. Done intentionally. In February of 2020, WHO wanted a different name for the virus to confuse the public. There’s no link between the number you see of reported cases and number of people who are symptomatic. Ludicrous stats – how many recovered? You can’t recover from a disease you never had. A test does not constitute a person with a disease. We are counting the existence of a virus or a fragment – that if you have it, you have the disease. Willfully lying because they want to maintain the state of fear.

Governors don’t have the right to conduct experimental medicine: To capriciously and arbitrarily demand we wear masks, and on Tuesday spray chicken blood on your garden. Can’t make things up. Police authority is ability to declare state of emergency, suspend liberty – but doesn’t confer the ability to go out and make stuff up. No police power was ever granted to a governor the right to practice medicine outside established clinical medical protocols. This exercise has been 100 percent made up, an experiment on the population, unethical and illegal, failed to follow the law and 21 code of federal regulations.

Governors, mayors are liable to we the people, and we can get redress. After 1986, law passed by Congress after offensive SC decision US v Stanley, subject to LSD experimentation without his permission, and Stanley not authorized for redress, so Congress passed a law that if a federal agency or elected official was involved in civil and criminal negligence could be liable for property, injury, death – Standard DOJ Form 95, a citizen can recover damages. Gave templates for civil and criminal negligence where people can get redress. Don’t have to be passive victims, take action, provided under federal tort claims act. HHS in Washington – NAAID and HHS responsible for this public experiment without consent. File damages: property intangible and tangible – assets, contracts and agreements, finances. Physical and tangible, illness or injury can include not able to get to things you needed to do. Loss of life, where interventions in nursing homes and hospitals done and harmed or killed them. Federal tort claims act. Fill out the damages arising from things imposed and forced upon you, and HHS conducting this trial on the public without consent of us, and governors and state health officials experimenting without any evidence, gives rise to Federal Tort Claims Act. File for any damage from this action – and clarify that is clear prohibition on fraudulent claim like you can’t make stuff up, but if you have a reasonable basis for the claim and the actions taken by HHS done negligently and illegally, then reasonable to file a claim under Form 96. All templates are recorded on YouTube under You’re a Lab Rat, posted May 26, David Martin World on YouTube, and Form 95 and Addendum. Don’t exaggerate or make stuff up. Very serious mechanism to hold federal employees accountable, put in place by Congress. Standard form 95 is the beginning of what is a larger action. Under the law the agency that gets the request has 180 days to respond – reject it, but then there’s a 2-year provision that it must be heard in court. Could go for months or years, so Standard form 95 is there.

Class action necessary: We are working towards enough people, everyone damaged by this action, to file a claim; for HHS to understand the gravity of recklessness, to see the real cost of their action, and as it moves ahead would give mechanism for that financial consequence — that they think twice before doing this again.

Dershowitz, attorney, claims Jacobson case says the govt can mandate forced vaccines. This lawyer decided in his career he will defend odious actions. But we cannot mis-read Jacobson: Court overruled defendant, sustained if you choose not to get the vaccine, you must pay the fine. Decision, “threaten safety of all” – it DOES NOT, but that is in the SC opinion, you might be liable for arbitrary fine to compel. There is not an epidemic that rises to the level of the smallpox case of Jacobson. The notion that all vaccines are embraced within Jacobson is fallacy; the case was about paying a fine, and he was not compelled to get vaccinated, but to pay a $5 fine.

Why don’t most of us know this, why so little information? It’s a coverup? Answer: Don’t talk about things you don’t want the public to know! U of NC Chapel Hill, and chimeric corona virus research – it’s a secret. Why didn’t we know in 2007 the CDC filed for a secret patent? The CDC lied and said filed a patent so they could research without commercial competition. But they filed to keep it secret. Goes against story line that it was a real emergency to lead to police powers and closing down the economy. It was always an exercise — 9/2019 set in motion for global objective to exercise in a respiratory pathogen, completed by 2020. Where is the actual pandemic they are running? There is none. This is it and they are running it and we are the victims.

Event 2001 – Gates plan? Funded by open philanthropy and Gates, Johns Hopkins, interlocking directorate, all a very controlled exercise. The script written by October 18, including censorship of media, was laid out in official script on October 18.

Johns Hopkins stats are 25 percent higher than CDC numbers. Use each others’ numbers to inflate caseload. U of Washington, Worldometer, use each others’ made-up numbers. A mistaken, positive test means you have the disease – a lie the public health scientists at Johns Hopkins perpetuates, the U of Washington also, and it’s not true. They have a self-referential loop to cycle numbers they make up.

Do smart people around Trump advise him not to go along with this? Being able to figure it out and to get out and say it are two different things! Many know it’s a scam and had to plant evidence for the whole thing. There is not one publication that doesn’t include planted evidence – and the Chinese planted a viral profile in RNA — not verified by US or anyone until January when Germans said they sequenced one virus. We went to a national state of emergency on hearsay, no independent verification, all based on a foreign country’s standards.

Is the whole biolab creation a regular flu virus? We don’t know. March 2: WHO states is a novel or new virus ‘more art than science’ — a subjective call. This same species of virus we’ve seen for years, common across all SARS virus. It is a subjective call by individuals financially incentivized to call it a unique virus, or clinical pathogen. We may have a few mutations, but no one has established it does anything clinically unique, and we know it doesn’t. Reacts with Ace 2 receptor. No basis in any scientific reality to say this is something new, showed up December 31 in China – illusory to think this virus just showed up. Didn’t happen. Data manipulated, and in serology and surveillance data may have circulated quite a while. Every time the data shows up, the CDC crushes the report, challenge on a bogus claim like in CA “serology not trusted, came from Facebook,” — just a circulating virus that has always been here. They want to say it started in China.

California statute: physician can determine from family history or any other means to determine a safety of vaccine efficacy; law says ability to obtain a waiver from vaccine. State officials get involved when students not involved, but experimental vaccines can’t be forced on anyone. Dell Bigtree and Robert Kennedy speak about this. The only situation where the law applies is approved vaccines gone through clinical trials.

Supreme Court rule on religion and vaccines: Numerous cases, Jehovah Witnesses, many lawsuits .. and other faith groups. Many court cases, and questions on if parents can decide, and when state rule can take action against parents’ wishes. SC has varied perspectives. Illinois and Michigan: this past week Justice Roberts ruled not to reopen churches, that religion doesn’t constitute a special class of exemption from actions during public health emergencies. This needs to be read in light of Virginia, incorporated into federal law – and the Roberts rule is inconsistent with the law. Jurists often decide based on what is argued, not on law.

States have said religious exemptions can be taken away. Must go to SC to challenge.

If someone says, “You must have a vaccine ID to get a passport, fly an airplane,” will this be argued to the top? Yes. We don’t have a mechanism under the law that we can coerce the population into arbitrary and capricious health requirements. There is a melt-down of civil liberties, but CV has never been damaging to the public health to warrant such intervention.