Yoda: Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz – Heated Debate on Vaccines — Kennedy for Liberty, Dershowitz for Fascism?

ROBERT STEELE: Mandatory vaccines must be refused at all costs. They are — along with 5G and the contamination of air, water, and food — how the fascist New World Order thinks it can control — and if necessary kill — the recalcitrant elements of the 99%.  The Nuremberg protocols are clear. Also clear is the degree to which government is both dishonest and ignorant. Also clear is the degree to which the medical industry is both dishonest and predatory.  I pray that the current fake pandemic ends with the shutting down of NIH and CDC — both of which have been seeking to depopulate  the USA of those pesky black people at the same time that Obama sought to dilute patriotic Americans with illegal aliens imported clandestinely from Somalia and Haiti. Herd immunity is a gift from God and vaccines have never been tested, causes more autism and other damage that has been acknowledged, and are not needed. Absent rigorous transparent testing and tangible results validated in public by the public, vaccines are a crime against humanity and too easily use to sterlize women, introduce nano agents, and subject humanity to illegal medical experimentation.

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