Ben Swann: Isegoria – Uncensored Blockchain Media Platform

Spearheaded by multi-award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann, whose social following is nearing 1,000,000 subscribers. Mr. Swann has created content that has reached hundreds of millions of viewers. Isegoria will be a collaboration of independent journalists and entertainers. Isegoria will have two parts: Part 1 is the 24 hour streaming platform and Part 2 is the treasury that funds independent creators.

ROBERT STEELE: This has potential but does not appear to be holistic in nature — Ben — a major talent — is playing to his strength and not thinking through a total displacement of all of the #GoogleGestapo elements.  He also has his numbers wrong on Democrats and Republicans comprising 52% of the eligible voters, it is actually 40% — which strengthens his argument.  I wish him well and encourage everyone to support him.

Below are two graphics I have  sent to Ben with the suggestioni that we do a video discussion of both.