State of the Nation: Election 2020 – Restored Republic or Sodom and Gomorrah

Window of Opportunity to Restore the American Republic is Rapidly Closing

If the Democrats steal their way to winning the POTUS, Senate and House on November 3, 2020, it’s all over for the American Republic.  On the other hand, if The Powers That Be allow Trump to win, there will be a perfidious plan set in motion by the NWO globalists to use the POTUS to disarm his base in every way that further disempowers the Right.  Abolishing the Second Amendment will be first on that list.  Effectively nullifying the First Amendment will be number two.  Eventually, the American foundational documents will be trashed in favor of a new ‘communist manifesto’.  Which is why “Everything Changes After Election Day 2020”. See: It all comes down to 2020.