Chlorine Dioxide Activist on Bob the Plumber Show May 7 2021: Helena from Croatia on Her Experience with Chlorine Dioxide

This mother of 2 previously autistic children tells her story, which is a very typical story of parents who have children with autism spectrum disorder. They have done everything that western medicine has to offer, with little improvement in their child’s condition. She was at her wits end and about to throw in the towel when she demanded God provide her help and it came in the form of a link to a Facebook group (now defunct) where Kerri Rivera was the admin and moderator. Now Helena is helping tens of thousands of parents help their children recover from autism. The rest of the story is truly heart warming.

Helena’s funniest story related to her activism comes when she is in court facing charges brought forth from a doctor working for big pharma with claims that she was poisoning her children with chlorine dioxide. As the judge reviews Helena’s medical paperwork showing her children’s progression from severe autism spectrum disorder all the way back to normal, the judge says, “I also have a child who has problems, can you teach me?”.

All of big pharma’s efforts to silence Helena backfired as the insuppressible “Mama Bear” could not be silenced. The court ordered the Croatian ministry of health (CMH) to do a study on chlorine dioxide (CD) and the results came back that there were no ill effects in the human body using the low doses recommended in the autism protocols. CMH did studies using much higher doses of CD with no ill effects as well.

It is wonderful to see how inspired Mom’s get when they are able to help their children, and Helena’s enthusiasm for helping people is contagious.

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