Video – Andreas Kalcker interviewed by the Health Ranger about chlorine dioxide, science and truth

This interview was published a year ago, and is worthy of review today. There is great information about the atomic exchange processes that make chlorine dioxide so effective at oxygenating blood/body, in neutralizing toxins (re: glyphosate), oxidizing (kills) pathogens and the rapid benefits of using it on SARS-COV2 doctors and patients.

Andreas and Mike speak about mind control programming of belief systems that make it difficult to speak to anyone about ClO2 as a result of the perpetual massive smear campaign by vested interests from the allopathic and pharmaceutical communities. It is no wonder why really, they know ClO2 completely eliminates the need for their products and services.

Andreas Kalcker website is an awesome resource with links to a vast treasure trove of information about protocols using ClO2.

Health Ranger (Mike Adams) Brighteon channel
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