Pre-Inoculation Protocol from COMUSAV

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COMUSAV does not encourage people to get the jab as nobody knows what damages or long term effects can happen to people.
This protocol does not guarantee adverse reactions will be present after the inoculation.

[Forwarded from The Universal Antidote Videos]
Pandemic Proof

People round the world
Are finding out the truth.
About a simple substance
That makes us pandemic proof.

No bad virus or bacteria
Can survive when it’s around
If it’s used appropriately
The results are quite profound

This substance is not new
For decades it’s been hidden
The FDA and big pharma
Gnash their teeth because it’s not forbidden.

I’ve seen it cure malaria
And typhoid is no match
Small pox and the plague
It can easily dispatch

What this stuff can do
Cannot be overstated.
A universal antidote
By NASA it was rated.

But now the powers that be
Tell you it’s a poisonous bleach.
To hide it’s true potential
And keep it out of reach.

Since they really need it
But want to keep its powers concealed
They have put a plan in place
To ensure it’s not revealed

They make you think it’s poison
And to drink it you would die
Don’t believe their propaganda
See through this terrible lie.

Pandemic proof the world would be
Is why this poem’s wrote
I hope that one and all can have
The Universal Antidote.

WRITTEN BY: The Curious Outlier
The universal antidote is chlorine dioxide.

Visit for free information and be PANDEMIC PROOF.

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