Hi There, that’s Ed and Roz in August of 2012 out in front of Rozlyn’s old house in Big Bear Lake, CA.

We’re currently hanging out in Sedona Arizona where Roz has an office at Sedona Soul Sisters (https://sedonasoulsisters.com/Rozlyn) and I am making and wrapping personal Orgonite pendants/devices and making simple field Orgonite. Roz’s website is: https://psychicatyourservice.com/

To give you an idea of what we are passionate about here’s part of an email message I sent to my sister Heidi on Dec. 5th, 2013.

I want to mention a couple things that I’ve come across that I feel are remarkably beneficial. Part of my being here is to bring something of value to others I talk with. Chances are you’ve heard about these.

1) Grounding / Earthing. There is a wonderful 1:14:32 minute video on YouTube named “Grounded”. Do a simple YouTube search for it.
Being barefoot and grounding to Mother Earth for 20 minutes a day has some astonishing benefits. Better circulation, pain and inflammation relief, better sleep, healing of chronic injuries, less snoring (sleeping on grounded sheets sometimes completely eliminates snoring) and on and on. Without a doubt, the easiest way to improve your overall health and so simple too. There are some great products for grounding available on www.earthing.com.

2) Terminator Zapper – www.worldwithoutparasites.com – Don and Carol Croft are amazing humanitarians who work and live up in Idaho. The T-Zapper they make kills parasites in / on your body. Even parasites like hook worms with exoskeletons. This simple device kills bacteria, viruses and helps heal unhealthy tissue. Roz and I have one. We gave one to Lisa and she successfully quelled an abscessed tooth with it. Beside the fact that Roz and I have been illness free since we started using the T-Zapper (since June 2012), Lisa’s experience is the most compelling.

3) Orgonite – www.ethericwarriors.com – What an amazing compound. I am going to post a GoFundMe project about getting started with making and teaching about this polyester resin, metal, crystal matrix that does many amazing things for the benefit of humanity and our beloved Planet. The bullet points on the previously mentioned website says it all. Don Croft and his wife Carol (www.crystalinsights.net) and the members of www.ethericwarriors.com forum are the main thrust behind this movement. I just had a thought. Orgonite is being used for seeding fishing holes in Africa with great success. The compound detoxifies water and attracts fish with its positive energy emitting properties. Since Mindy and Fred are big into fishing, they could benefit by seeding their favorite fishing holes as well. It would depend on whether they are open to the notion… lol.

I think it would be cool to have a booth at flea markets, street fair’s and farmers markets with items mentioned above. I think that is where I am headed with this.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any comments, please shoot us a message with the comment form below.

~ Ed & Roz
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