A Meditation to Help Manifest Your Deepest Dreams and Desires

Mindful awareness opens a person up to the power of intent. Have you ever meditated on love and then had the most loving day or week of your life? Or have you meditated on joy or peace and felt illuminated in the heart by this presence of joyous or peaceful energy in your center?

Not only does an affirmation-based practice balance a person’s state of being, but this form of meditation can also expand into a dynamic, and very real conversation between the inner world and the outer world. 

Feel Your Truth

There is a place deep in your gut that brews all kinds of enchanting fuel. This energy center guides you like music guides a dancer. Do you feel your insides churning? Take a moment to sit with this inner movement. Your gut feeling is very important to your destiny. Your gut can sense when you are tilting off course, or when you are as steady as the strong wind in a sail – sending you across the ocean of uncertainty with grace. The idea behind feeling your truth is a meditation on your present emotional state. Are you confidently chasing your dreams? Are you fearlessly in pursuit of your desires? If your emotions are out-of-whack, you may feel physically bloated in the gut, empty in the gut, or simply drained of creative energy. To begin manifesting one’s dreams and desires, a person must bow to both the Solar Plexus and Sacral – your belly and your gut. Pay attention to this place where the manifesting magic is baked and brewed.

Know Your Truth

Now that you feel your solar center radiating with life, the next step is to feel this energy reflecting back into the garden of your mind. The clouds have cleared and the sun is now shining. You are full of warmth, ready to take on the challenges of the day. This is the first leg of the manifestation marathon. Here, you are confident, proudly shimmering in all your glory – A masterpiece of creation. Knowing you are one of a kind, a servant to something beautiful that only you have the power to bring to life in this world is a very important revelation along the journey. This is the time to follow your bliss. Notice what feeds the connection between your mind’s eye and your solar center. Do you get lost in the words while reading about other cultures? Do you feel totally brimming with wonder when you travel? Maybe it is art, music, science, or health that gets your gears turning and sparks the fire in your belly. Whatever the thing is, I implore you to do the thing. Otherwise, you will be hiding from your truth in an illusion of the self. Know, deep in your gut, your purpose and let your intuition bloom.

Speak Your Truth

You are the lotus. You have risen up from the rich, dark mud and have formed in the delicious light of the sun. This is the climax of the hero’s journey. The place where you blossom – one with the universe. At last, seen by the world. At last, seeing the world. Your light body builds from gut, to heart, to head, until quite suddenly, a person bursts open and sings! Your throat chakra is throbbing with the impulse to send your song out into the wind. Begin to have a conversation with yourself, with the universe, and with those who you hold dear. Even social media is an outlet to speak your truth. Be clear. Be a force. You are a warrior and you are worthy of this power. Let the universe know what you want. Sing loudly, your dreams. Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities. Trust in the flow. Let spirit guide you day-by-day. You may start to notice some interesting synchronicities. Keep faith in yourself and let the world know you are alive.

Embody Your Truth

Now that you feel, know, and speak with the full force of your divine energy, it is time to walk the walk. With each step you take, your feet float higher into a state of total serenity. Things that no longer serve you are weights to shrug off your shoulders. As you embody your true self, your life becomes a brilliant constellation. Each glimmering star, a dream or desire on your map to nirvana. As you become your bliss, your distant star clusters align to tell the story of your destiny – one charmed with meaning.  Worlds begin to form. Time speeds up. Your passion and purpose unite to manifest a field of flowers, blooming on every world within the universe that is you. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, but you will not be knocked from the seat of your peaceful soul so long as you stay true to your emotions, your intuition, and your voice of reason. If you ever falter, which is only human to do so, breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And let the stars guide you home.

As you can see, the best way to manifest your deepest dreams and desires is to be true to yourself. To be open to transformation, for this is the energy that will propel you toward your destiny.

Remember, all of nature is a mirror – You are a universe.

And you deserve bliss.