Activate Your XFactor: Mastering Your Life

[Series: Part 3 of 3] Would you like to trade confusion and turmoil in your life for an abundant life rich with purpose and meaning?

In Parts 1 and 2, you learned you are part of a new generation of newly awakening souls containing far more power over your life than you were led to believe. Your infinite potential unleashed, failure is an illusion.

In perfect union with all Creation, you have the ability to tap into Universal Consciousness at will. You will be astounded to see that what humans have called “mystery” was simply ignorance or darkness waiting to be revealed through the light of your conscious being-ness.

All wisdom now emanates from within you, rather than externally, though truth is easily observable in nature.

“You become freedom itself as a fully-fledged sovereign being when you integrate science, nature, and spirituality a.k.a. mind, body, and spirit!”~ TWEET THIS

 You have fully activated your XFactor to become a master when you:

#8 – Practice unconditional love.

Did you know neutrality is the doorway to unconditional love — the ultimate power behind the Universe? Unconditional love is the crucible of change and the realm of the miraculous that even trumps the Laws of Physics. The word compassion may resonate with you more as most people have never experienced unconditional love. If you have, you know it. (Hint: more weeping and the inability to move.)

Masters and the enlightened intrinsically understand that all of Creation — fuelled by love — is in service to the highest good — sustainability.

Yes, even fear-based lower consciousness behaviour is imbued with purpose — seeking that which it believes it’s separate from — love. Yet, we are afraid to trust this. Instead, we are taught to hold back our natural state as unconditional love, scrap with one another competitively, and struggle for survival. Crazy, huh?

Activate Your XFactor: Want to open the miraculous in your life? Trust love. Take baby steps by greeting a new person each day, even if with just a smile. You never know who you might meet because you’ve been tapping into Universal Consciousness through mindfulness. That’s 365 unmissed opportunities. I hope you’re smiling because you’re getting the big picture now…

#9 – Exchange self-service for the service of humankind.

Would we be shocked to hear you say, “I hate my job!”? Hardly. Most people have caught on that our economic system is designed to enrich a few while compensating you as little as possible.

Economics aside, most human activity is of little practical value, designed to feed the consumer products/services we don’t need by first making us feel inadequate for not having them in exchange for a temporary feeling of worthiness — a vicious egoic cycle.

Activate Your XFactor: Is your work meaningful? Maybe you are a coffee barista, and you answered yes. You love serving good coffee. Perfect. A no means your work doesn’t involve doing what you love and is not in direct service to others.

If you don’t get why this matters, please go to the nearest food pantry or homeless shelter to volunteer for a shift. Giving freely of yourself is the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s how you should feel every day.

Are you immersing yourself in doing what you love at least in your free time? Are you surrounding yourself with givers instead of takers?

#10 – Surrender total control of your life.

Don’t. Freak. Out. ? “Gaining control” and “achieving big” (entering the realm of the miraculous that has always existed within you) occurs when you finally let go of separation consciousness and surrender total control of your life. It’s the easiest yet most difficult part of the process.

To change the story, you must let go of the story. This is not easily understood by the mind, if at all, because it’s not a doing/thing. It’s all energy — the life-giving energy of love as a state of Being!

In separation consciousness, you “think” there is a “you” labouring, but it’s really your consciousness expanding to awaken fully to your limitlessness. You literally transcend your limited body to consciously co-create with the Universe as part of Universal Consciousness.

Yet, the proof will be in the shift in your life as you slowly let go of the wheel and let go of struggle. It’s a process or seems to be. Believe it or not, we are even terrified of letting go of the struggle. It’s familiar!

Activate Your XFactor: This is where you take a leap of faith and free fall. Most people don’t willingly surrender total control. You might not either, and that’s okay. Science’s evolution (or spirituality’s Grace) is busily at work propelling you forward with the awareness work in steps 1-9 as you transition from a state of doing to a state of being.

Example: You’d like to sell the jewelry you love creating, but how without going into debt? You pose the question. Weeks or months later, you meet someone who owns a local boutique willing to take your work on consignment. You didn’t do a thing but pose a question. You didn’t solicit ten stores in town only to be rejected; you didn’t spend a dime. Universal consciousness went to work bringing like-minded energy together. This is the difference between doing and being. Are you willing to be patient? To sit and mind the gap for miracles?

Your brilliant future here, now, is the transformation from separation to unity consciousness that is reshaping humanity’s future NOW. This guide was created to empower and support you on your journey toward maximizing your human potential, merging your material/immaterial world not only for you and me, but for the planet, and the entirety of our Universe.

Humanity 2:0 Checklist

  • I am limitless when I consciously merge mind, body, and spirit.
  • I peacefully enjoy neutrality and unconditional love.
  • Worthy, I benevolently serve the good of all.
  • Bigger than my body, I consciously reside within my multidimensional Being.
  • I recognize the Universe is supporting me in every moment.
  • Thoughts, emotions, and the physical body are my co-creative power tools.
  • I harmonize with the flow of life, actively co-creating within the ebb and flow of life.
  • Sustainability is my universal guiding principle.
  • I honour my inner and outer freedom by giving others theirs.
  • In gratitude, I recognize life as a miraculous gift — I AM THE GIFT.

Getting Started

 Are you ready to regain control of your life and achieve big? YES! Re-read all ten ways to activate your XFactor and consciously add them to your daily routine one at a time.

RATE YOUR XFACTOR If you’re committed to making sure you’re a part of Humanity 2.0, download the Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor free guide by clicking here.


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Activate Your XFactor: Regaining Control & Achieving Big

[Series: Part 2 of 3] Are you ready to have the world working for you instead of being a slave in the world?

In Part 1, you learned you have far more power in your life than you were led to believe.

The false doctrine of separation (original sin) and resulting outdated thought patterns have kept you, the individual, as well as the collective in a state of powerless servitude as we struggled to evolve to the next stage of human evolution. Thankfully, evolution is unrelenting.

Separation consciousness results in the forfeiture of one’s personal power and victimhood, worsening the more you’ve been trained to close your mind and heart. Feeling powerless keeps you from reaching your highest potential.

Symptoms are thoughts of failure, feelings of unworthiness, competition, judgment, conditional love, service to self, and domination over others — to name just a few borders behind the veil.

“The good news this is the symptoms of separation consciousness are easily reversible.” TWEET THIS

The good news is this is all easily reversible. You will know you are on track to transition from Humanity 1.0 to 2.0 when you let go of the above limitations and begin to:

#4 – Know It’s Not Possible to Fail

You learned in Part 1 that evolution ensures Creation’s success (perpetuity) — and yours. Being a part of Creation yourself, this means you can’t fail, either.

In separation consciousness, the ideals used to measure success are so short-sighted and half-baked, it’s no wonder only a handful of “lucky” ones are able to fulfill these ridiculous requirements.

Activate Your XFactor: Know the true definition of success is the joy and reciprocal support given/received for doing what you love. Surround yourself and collaborate with people who have discovered their inner genius and are applying it to achieve inner/outer freedom. It rubs off! Spend time each day refining your skills, investing in doing what you love instead of wasting time with media devices. (Warning: You may feel a sense of purpose and of being alive for the first time in your life.)

#5 – Feel Your Worthiness

We have a HUGE worthiness problem on this planet — another byproduct of separation consciousness exploited for gain by others. The proof is perpetual human-created suffering when we’ve literally been given paradise to reside.

“Worthiness and humility are on opposite ends of the spectrum.” TWEET THIS

Worthiness and humility are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I know this from personal experience because I’ve experienced radical humility. At that moment, I fell to my knees weeping, saying, “thank you” over and over. I couldn’t move, nor did I want to. Nirvana.

Activate Your XFactor: When you know your worthiness, you would never exploit another nor allow yourself to be exploited. It’s a feedback loop that’s broken when you refuse to engage. Offer an equitable win-win solution and then be prepared to walk away for a better offer. The Universe supports higher consciousness in kind.

#6 – Embrace Cooperation Over Competition

Your network is your net worth. Win-win is created in collaboration, not competition that divides — the new living math. This is your XFactor.

Another benefit? When we work together, we cut our workload down from the ridiculous to a few hours each day. You can then devote more time to creativity, family, higher education, and civic responsibilities.

Activate Your XFactor: Your ultimate collaboration partner is the Universe. Your net worth? Infinite. A reminder to tap into Universal Consciousness by asking questions and waiting to see what resources become available. You’ll be stunned how little effort is involved when you get out of your own way. But, don’t be afraid of the “empty” space in between the action. We are used to working ourselves to death. During a lull in action, we fear nothing is happening. It’s happening on your behalf!

#7 – Develop a State of Neutrality

In his forthcoming book, Living in a Mindful Universe, Dr. Eben Alexander says, “By remaining open to all possibilities with no expectations or pre-judgment, we allow new insights and wisdom to emerge. Remaining open can be challenging at first, but with regular practice, it becomes a natural process.”

What Dr. Alexander means is that judgments are self-limiting thoughts. Notice how emotions that next arise tend to control your behaviour when you live unconsciously. The way to open a life locked in limitation is to examine every thought like bad habits to be broken with observation. The goal isn’t to eliminate thought, but to see it for what it is — bits of incomplete data. Yes, awareness is all that is required to rise above what’s got you down — your thoughts.

Activate Your XFactor: First, take 100% responsibility for monitoring your thoughts throughout the day. The more you become the observer, the more you move to a state of neutrality. It’s a practice that takes practice. Notice thoughts and emotions control you less over time. Rather than reacting to life fearfully, you’re now able to respond mindfully from a place of love.

Getting Started

With the final three ways to activate your XFactor still to come, how are you tracking so far? In Part 3, you will receive the rest of the action/checklist, and a blueprint of what’s in store for you as a member of Humanity 2.0.

Are you ready to regain control of your life and achieve big? YES! Reread the first seven ways to activate your XFactor and begin to add them to your daily routine one at a time.

Rate Your XFactor

If you’re committed to making sure you’re a part of Humanity 2.0, download the Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor free guide by clicking here.

Increased Fire, Hurricanes, & Earthquakes: What’s Happening On Earth?

A recent earthquake at the Iran-Iraq border, apocalyptic-like fires in northern California, the fall hurricanes sweeping the U.S., and oddly, the United Kingdom’s hurricane Ophelia, you might be beginning to wonder why so many catastrophes are occurring.

Entire countries have been affected by the ravages of disaster, natural or otherwise. Where is the next one going to hit and will it affect you?

Educated guesses range from the latest scientific global warming computer models to doomsayers drenched in generational storytelling hailing “end times,” or the punishment of a loving invisible father.

So, what’s going on?

Before losing yourself in fear-based short-sighted speculation, it’s helpful to take the wide view, checking in with the history of the planet, humanity, and science.

Let’s investigate.

Earth, a Living Organism

Our planet is a living organism, subject to internal and external processes and forces locally and beyond as part of its solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and the entire Universe.

Some of these processes are visible to the naked eye within our physical material world; others are invisible as parts of our metaphysical immaterial Universe.

A living organism, just like you, continuously seeks balance within an always-changing dynamic environment so that it might not only survive, but thrive — the essential nature of Creation.

In every moment Earth is adjusting to shifts in:

  • the still-mysterious planet’s core and mantle, affecting volcanoes and earthquakes
  • energy exchanges between the solid earth and the fluid motion of the Earth’s atmosphere causing changes in atmospheric pressure
  • the flow of the liquid iron within Earth’s outer core that alters the planet’s magnetic field and surface air temperature

Beyond our local environment, the Earth is subject to the forces of:

  • the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, also known as axial precession or the Earth’s wobble
  • solar flares and coronal mass injections that impact the Earth’s ionosphere, or upper atmosphere
  • the movement of our planet around the sun and the solar system as it traverses the Milky Way galaxy
  • high-energy cosmic rays bombarding the planet from the Milky Way and beyond

Dizzy, yet? And this is just a tiny fraction of what’s occurring on a daily basis beyond our harried awareness.

Just like local high and low-pressure systems ebb and flow, creating periods of high to low weather activity, so do we have different periods ranging from relative quiet to seeming chaos.

Add a confluence of events, and we now have a “perfect storm.”

Human Influences

Perhaps that perfect storm is the Age of Humans. The new era was first introduced by Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen and renowned biologist Eugene Stoermer in a scientific newsletter in 2000.

Anthropocene: The impact of this potentially devastating new chapter to Earth’s history is still yet to be written — not to mention, hotly debated.

Sulfur emissions, fossil fuel extraction and burning, nitrogen fertilizer runoff, factory emissions, radioactive fallout, factory farming, mineral extraction, concrete, plastics, human-caused species extinction . . .

A new human-induced geological epoch; a planet required to work harder to balance itself.

Mysterious Forces

In addition to the physical tension we’ve added to the planet is the self-inflicted burden we carry as we continue to support an unjust world where more than half the population of the planet is still trying just to survive, never mind thrive.

Meanwhile, humanity is undergoing an evolutionary leap (induced by its internal processes) in consciousness as a new generation of awakened souls become Humanity 2.0 initiates, making Humanity 1.0 look like the age of ignorance.

War, social unrest, anger — it’s all energy, too. On the other end of the spectrum is love, compassion, kindness, hope. Science is just beginning to explore and understand the invisible forces of the human body, the human collective, the Universe, and even the force responsible for it all.

On a local level, the HeartMath Institute’s new science of interconnectivity seeks “to gain new insights into the interconnectedness of human/animal health and behavior and the sun and earth’s magnetic activity.”

HeartMath hypothesizes that “collective human consciousness affects the global information field” and they are gathering scientific data to prove it. In turn, the sun and magnetic fields affect human behaviour. (It must be a full moon out there because . . .)

At this point, beyond our little solar system and Milky Way galaxy, it’s all one great big guess. Intelligent design? Master controller?

But not really. Let’s investigate.

Your Big Picture Takeaway

Unity consciousness merges the left and right hemispheres of your brain (your physical/metaphysical worlds or science/spirituality), joining the brain with the heart to view the world internally and externally, a higher level of consciousness.

The epoch evolutionary leap from Humanity 1.0 to 2.0 is not the merging of man and machine; it’s the leap from separation consciousness to unity consciousness that recognizes everything is obviously interconnected and interdependent.

Global coherence (unity) then becomes universal coherence or Universal Consciousness.

The processes of Creation that “create” more of itself are not separate from what it creates, but contained and sourced from within. Reiterating, Creation, the processes of Creation, and what is created are ONE and the same.

Creation is its own power source. All of creation is making love for the purpose of existing in perpetuity. Its power source? The energy of Love — sourced from within.

The hard-wired scientific community will only prove this by embracing a multidisciplinary approach to its research. It’s coming. You can wait, or . . .

What Can I Do? 

Realize everything is energy that is interconnected. Be love. Treat everything and everyone as part of you. In your compassion, leave nothing and no one behind. This is what love would do.

Opening your heart wider than you ever thought possible will make you a powerful force for good on this planet. Because we are interdependent, it will immediately impact you. (How cool is that?)

If you’re committed to making sure you’re a part of Humanity 2.0, download the Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor free guide by clicking here.

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Human Destiny Revealed at the End of the Yellow Brick Road

One of life’s most enduring mysteries is that of human destiny.

Many a philosopher have debated whether it’s an invention of human thought or if our long-standing curiosity is a mechanism of evolution (creation in process) designed to propel humanity forward.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

— Leonardo DiCaprio

Regardless of what you believe, what seems to be universal is the calling by your soul to fulfill your personal destiny once you awaken enough to hear it.

It used to be you were born one character per lifetime, living and dying the same. Helped by society, people stayed in the lane they were born. Indoctrination now begins as early as two and three years of age; young children pushed into “structured” group settings call preschool.

Programming the child from an early age to become a good worker and consumer, our education system dumbs down natural-born creative inner genius (divergent thinking) from 98% in children to less than 2% by adulthood, a study has proven.

Only a handful of notable individuals have scaled Maslow’s Hierarchy of Self-Actualization to free themselves of the confinement of culture and conditioning to live out a life of creative genius each one of us is gifted at birth.

Because these courageous women and men paid attention, they lived out a personal destiny so extraordinary relative to the masses that all of humanity felt the ground shiver with unlimited possibility when they spoke, wrote, or graced the world with their presence.

What’s Your Destiny?

The reality is, very few are courageous enough to break voluntarily from herd mentality.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

— Yoda

We fear to have a destiny as much as we fear not having one. We fear failure. We fear greatness. We simply fear change. Fear is the #1 reason people wallow in misery rather than dare to make simple changes that would improve the quality of their life dramatically.

Why? People hang onto what’s familiar rather than let go for the unknown — even if could mean the end of suffering.

Maybe you’re trying to discover your creative inner genius… or break away from a miserable job… or find meaning and purpose in your life… or just be happy and at peace.

Trust Life

It’s okay to be afraid — just don’t get stuck there. Fearlessness is for fools. Courage’s true definition is sticking around even when you are very afraid.

And if you refuse change?

Change becomes dramatic upheaval when you don’t review your thoughts, words, and actions continuously (conscious living) to see if you are serving not only your personal well-being but the well-being of everyone in your field of influence. This is self-leadership.

If you don’t self-correct, life steps in.

This goes for institutions, too. We are witnessing dramatic upheaval in the world because the negative benefits of a society built out of separation consciousness are no longer sustainable. The more you or groups of like-minded individuals fight to preserve tradition, the greater the human suffering.

“If you’re receptive and open, you’ll see it’s okay to relax, take your hands off the wheel, and trust life.” ~ TWEET THIS

Your journey is unique, but its aspects are common to everyone. It may give you comfort to understand what’s happening as you continue to awaken to the miraculous within. Your destiny and humanity’s destiny are one and the same.

Our Universal Hero’s Journey

The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy perfectly illustrates the hero’s journey as identified by American scholar Joseph Campbell.

Our heroine consciously chooses to take a journey into the heart of darkness and the unknown, where things get pretty wild. Dorothy has her moments of fear and self-doubt, but notice she receives exactly the right support at the right time to push through. And so will you.

After Dorothy realizes the pigpen of the limited life she’s fallen into, she ditches it for bigger and better things. Along the way, Dorothy runs into self-doubt’s Professor Marvel, who dissuades her from making any changes in her life. Life honours Dorothy’s “yes” to her soul’s swansong, sending an F5 tornado to whisk her away to new lands.

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, quickly appears to guide her. But, in a dualistic third dimension — if there is the light of your Higher Self, there is the ego’s dark side, the Wicked Witch of the West, to make life rough for you because you’ve killed her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, weakening ego’s hold over you.


In the nick of time, a sign appears — physical proof all things work for the good. You’ve been endowed with the ruby red slippers previously belonging to ego, taking back some of your power.

Appearing to lack a way back to Kansas, she follows Glinda’s prompt to step upon the path of enlightenment as she seeks wisdom outside of herself that will guide her home.

Down the yellow brick road, she meets the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. They are Mind, Body, and Spirit. They join her on the journey as external characters, but really, Dorothy must unite consciously all three to make her final discovery.

Don’t Get Distracted

The foursome stops along the way to admire a beautiful field of colourful poppies that distract them so much they completely fall back under the spell of Maya (separation consciousness). The shiny things in your life are technology, relationship drama, and busyness that distract you from renewing your connection to Source each day through reflection and meditation.

Alas, once Dorothy reaches the Wizard, she is sent off on an errand to retrieve the witch’s broomstick. As long as you search outside yourself for what is found within, ego will send you on an endless loop of things to “do,” known as struggle, to reach your goals.

You will repeatedly crash and burn — your dark night of the soul — until you finally see that struggle (ego) has gotten you nowhere. Notice, the Universe keeps sending you unconditional gifts and signs until you realize that the Source of Life and Life are the same. This is your shift from separation to unity consciousness.

Thus, it is revealed that separation from Source is an illusion. Glinda, the Good Witch, confirms Dorothy always had the power to go “home.” The struggle was the removal of the veil via direct experience.

Intertwined and inseparable is collective human destiny as we converge as One in perfect union with the Infinite. This is our destiny. Home is our return to Source — without going anywhere at all.

Your brilliant moment is when you realize there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. You already are that which you seek. All are found within you, given freely to you as a gift.

Know this, and you’ve just created Heaven on Earth.

You are already brilliant.

You are already perfect.

You are already Home.

Can you feel it?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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New Theory: Consciousness Doesn’t Reside In The Brain Or Same Dimension

Do you know you are a multidimensional being? Your body isn’t big enough to contain you.

In recently published research produced by a team from the Blue Brain Project, neuroscientists applied a classic branch of math called algebraic topology in a whole new way to peer into the brain, discovering it contains groups of neurons.

Each neuron group, according to size, forms its own high-dimensional geometric object. “We found a world that we had never imagined,” says lead researcher, neuroscientist Henry Markram from the EPFL institute in Switzerland. “There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”

And that’s just so far. The Swiss research initiative is devoted to building a supercomputer-powered reconstruction of the human brain.

As to the complexity of the brain and why so much of it remains a mystery, “The mathematics usually applied to study networks cannot detect the high-dimensional structures and spaces that we now see clearly.”

What consciousness is and where it resides is still only theory to date. In the September 2017 issue of NeuroQuantology, a peer-reviewed journal of neuroscience and quantum physics published a groundbreaking paper that could accelerate science’s understanding of consciousness:

Our brain is not a “stand alone” information processing organ: it acts as a central part of our integral nervous system with recurrent information exchange with the entire organism and the cosmos. In this study, the brain is conceived to be embedded in a holographic structured field that interacts with resonant sensitive structures in the various cell types in our body.

Essentially, Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer, a professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, hypothesizes that consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain in another dimension. The entire body is a conduit and a collaborator with consciousness as a feedback loop.

If you enjoy science, just reading the abstract will leave you breathless and thrilled to see science is catching up with what the indigenous, sages, and mystics have known for thousands of years.

The Power of Direct Experience

So, how did past and present “seers” come to understand consciousness before science?

It’s through direct experience by connecting with higher fields of consciousness, i.e., Universal Consciousness coupled with the observation of Nature that one can begin to see life’s bigger picture.

From the book What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil:

The consciousness of Creation, what indigenous peoples call Ether, is the universal medium connecting and infusing the totality of existence as the defining force behind all matter. All that transpires in the seen world is symbolic of consciousness. This is where everything observed and processed through consciousness, whether on an individual or collective level becomes relevant. This is where all “meaning” and “purpose” are derived—through subjective experience on a local level, though all of life from a state of non-local totality has no other meaning than to exist; to BE.

All the Universe is continually making love, its mechanism of perpetuity!” ~ TWEET THIS

Written from the heart of direct experience, What Is God? mirrors many aspects of Dr. Meijer’s hypothesis. Summarizing the latter, your multidimensional energy field is a recursive looping toroidal field containing your aura. The brain is a receiver of the thoughts generated between your aura (energy field) in collaboration with other energy fields (higher/lower) consciousness.

Consciousness itself is multidimensional.

It will continue to take a multidisciplinary approach to research to begin to unravel the deeper mysteries of the Universe and humanity’s connection to the Cosmos. In the meantime, imagine if our education system introduced this little-known fact to children on their first day of school.

Wouldn’t you be excited to learn more about how the Universe works — science, math, and the spiritual world suddenly relevant, personal, and interconnected?

Might we take more responsibility for our actions, for each other and the world?

Call to Action

Your brilliant future here now is when our education system merges science and spirituality (material and immaterial worlds). But, you don’t have to wait! Take responsibility for yourself.

Make sure you’re making the transition to Humanity 2.0 with the free guide: Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor. Realize Inner/Outer Freedom and finally master your life.

Click here to get the guide right now. (Be spontaneous!)

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Activate Your XFactor: Breaking Free of Limitation & Unlock Your Full (Series 1 of 3)

[Series 1 of 3] Are you ready to break free of a chaotic world spinning out of control?

You may be all but ready to give up on any hope of things getting better, but suddenly . . .

You feel an excited quickening of your heart — your enigmatic connection to the unprecedented evolutionary leap in consciousness that is opening millions to the greater awareness that we have far more power in our lives than we were led to believe.

“You have far more power in your life than you were led to believe.” TWEET THIS

Humanity 1.0

For eons, human potential has remained predominantly dormant due to the mass perpetuation of the false doctrine we are separate from one another and all that exists. This is known academically as separation consciousness or in spiritual terms, the “veil.”

(Technology in itself is not a measure of evolution — it’s how we apply it that reveals a species’ maturity.)

This belief has kept most of humanity locked in unsustainable cycles of desperate survivalism, the visible evidence the ongoing and prevalent exploitation of one another and planet Earth.

The global breakdown of societal/social systems that is presently occurring is the collapse of these self-destructive recursive looping thought patterns rooted in separation consciousness.

Evolution (Creation in process) ensures Creation’s perpetuity by introducing quantum energy fields — formed out of its own internal processes — that act as catalysts and accelerants that spontaneously bring about change. (Science has barely begun to explore our metaphysical world to understand these processes.)

Your future depends on whether you continue to limit yourself by focusing on end times (like corporate media), or if you are part of a new generation of newly awakening souls.

This exciting wave of arising consciousness is literally transcending external confusion, allowing you to enter into a new era of the limitless human being — Humanity 2.0.

Reuniting Worlds

As we come to the realization that material science is limited without the incorporation of the immaterial world, we must seek to unite the left and right hemispheres of our brain, going a step further by connecting your mind with your heart, then connecting with Universal Consciousness.

“Embracing the entire spectrum of what you know about mind, body, and spirit, you finally realize internal and external freedom. Yes!” TWEET THIS

Chances are you’ve already begun the necessary shift, one that is long overdue. But how do you know you’re on the right track for sure?

Join the millions now tapping directly into:

  • enhanced insight — personal and big picture beyond academia
  • access to your creative inner genius; your link to true wealth
  • influence on your health — it’s all energy fields
  • unlimited prosperity by going within directly to Source
  • living life on your own terms peacefully and harmoniously

This following action/checklist will pinpoint not only how Humanity 2.0 is already busily opening doors once closed, but what you must let go of to achieve the big results that have always eluded you.

Yes, you heard correctly. Humanity 1.0 is unsustainable and is coming to an end.

Let’s explore what is abundantly sustainable.

#1 – Take 100% responsibility for your life.

A friend would complain that without a big publisher marketing budget, no one was ever going to know her books existed. I kept suggesting she stop using lack of funding as an excuse and look for other writing opportunities that would lead readers back to her books.

She took responsibility for her limited thinking, came up with a unique solution over time, and now readers from some of the top online media websites around the world click through to order her books.

Activate Your XFactor: Notice every time you have a self-limiting thought or wish to lash out in anger over your circumstances. Allow your feelings to come and go in silence (do no harm). Say, “I’m open to infinite possibility — what should I do next?” Then wait and watch.

#2 – Give up any claims to playing life’s victim.

This same friend complained she desired lots of money to help support others actively being the change they wish to see in the world, but that “life” had kept her in “poverty.” She finally ignored the thought, moving forward to co-create a private foundation and is slowly giving away more and more micro-grants as funding becomes available.

BTW, that woman is me. My friend? The Universe — an ocean of consciousness that is my ultimate collaborative resource and guide. The reality is no one or institution can hold you down when you align with the Universe. Stop blaming others and using them as an excuse.

Activate Your XFactor: Are you checking in, asking questions, then listening as in Step 1? Take it a step further by sitting in silence for the length of a cup of coffee daily. Do it any way you like, eyes open/closed, with a drink or not. It isn’t even necessary to pose questions.

The more you practice, the more you notice the amazing ideas you have and begin to trust them. Your desires are already floating in the collective.

#3 – Open your mind and heart.

A closed heart and mind shut down the XFactor in your life. Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan says, “When 10X is your measuring stick, you immediately see how you can bypass what everyone else is doing.”

In unity consciousness, what’s so amazing is that no one is left behind. When you lift your conscious awareness, it’s absorbed by others.

Activate Your XFactor: Daily, consider one new idea (philosophical, scientific, spiritual, or other). Is the idea sustainable or is it now self-limiting? That’s 365 grander ideas each year. You just scaled your life up in a big way. Do this for one week, then review the new you versus the old you. Talk about wow factor!

Getting Started

With seven ways to activate your XFactor still to come, how are you tracking so far? In part 2, you will receive the rest of the action/checklist, and in part 3, a blueprint of what’s in store for you as part of Humanity 2.0.

Are you ready to regain control of your life and achieve big? YES! Reread the first three ways to activate your XFactor and begin to add them to your daily routine one at a time.

Rate Your XFactor

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Is Pink’s “What About Us” An Anthem For Our Awakening Times?

[Essay] On the long drive home from a neighboring city’s international airport, the contemplative and melancholy muddied notes of Pink’s What About Us from her new album Beautiful Trauma began to play on the radio.

I turned it up full volume because I was in a brooding mood.

Back from a restful stay with European ex-pat friends in Tucson, Arizona, I couldn’t get Michael’s sarcastic words out of my head on the plane or now, “Yes, we’re the richest third-world country in the world. We have no universal healthcare, the only civilized country not to; no gun regulation to speak of, and this country feeds off its own.”

I sighed, weary again. Nothing I didn’t already know—I’ve been screaming ‘Rome is burning’ for several years now.

But to hear it out of a European’s mouth (using my words now) that our nation is bleeding profusely from its gaping, unhealed wounds—bringing about our demise if we keep this up. It hurt.

It has been a long road. Maybe you feel the same way. You may be beyond tired of living in a world that spews out one injustice after another. You may even feel numb.

Navigating this life, trying to do the right thing— It was supposed to get better, right? Easier.

Doesn’t technology and access to more information than ever before thanks to the Internet bring about a wiser population that no longer tolerates the abuse and exploitation of one another and the planet?

Yet, the mistreatment continues, even sometimes, at the hands of our own disillusioned brothers and sisters making a statement about the society we’ve built.

Wait for it . . . Please enjoy the song.

I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long. Quickly electrified by Pink—the voice of reason exploding out of the darkness—maybe I’d be made to see something new.

Alecia Beth Moore (Pink’s real name) didn’t disappoint. Immediately a clear, resonant voice bounced off the heavy clouds suspended low in the dusky sky like the searchlight mentioned in her opening lyrics.

Where is our happily ever after? What about our plans, trust, answers, love—

What about us?

What is she talking about and who is she talking to? Congress? The global elite? God?

Although the video makes its case, Billboard Magazine’s, Colin Stutz wrote in his article: “That unclear question in the song is essential to its brilliance, says Johnny McDaid, who co-wrote the song with Pink and his frequent collaborator producer Steve Mac.”

McDaid, went on to say, “…these ideas come out and what the ideas are for Alecia are probably different to even the person hearing it.”

The song is really moving now and getting my blood pumping.

Pink is asking questions and demanding answers. Enough is enough, before the chorus repeats.

Asking questions is the beginning of change—the beginning of expanding your mind and opening to a higher consciousness.

Are you asking questions? Is what we are doing sustainable? Are we going to continue to support limited, self-serving ideals?

But then the song’s bridge, and a rush of anticipated relief . . .

No matter what, you can’t break me! The awakening begins.

It’s not about control; it’s about letting go. Opening your heart as wide as possible to create a world that is inclusive rather than the pain-filled world of exclusivity.

A world filled with unconditional love. Yes!

A collaborative world—no more self-created suffering and abuse through competing for what we were given as a gift.

It’s time to ask ourselves if it’s better to fight to preserve a world that’s no longer working or if we are ready to travel down a new road to a better way.

The song’s driving beat has me singing along, my own lyrics forming in my mind. No more blood (war), sweat (servitude), and tears (sacrifice). We just didn’t know any better. Those who did exploited the hell out of it for profit.

I’m awake now, there’s no going back. I get it! My strength, grace, power, wisdom all come from within. I see it! I see you. You get it, too! We are all one. What I do for you, I do for myself!

Relief. No more struggle when we work together.

Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready.

I invite you to join me and others already rebuilding this beautiful world. A world where we thrive and no one is left behind.

A world where there is . . .

Loving cooperative sharing of resources between neighbors.

Joyful community building.

Peaceful and transparent governance.

Freedom to discover and express yourself.

Prosperity without limits for all.

What about you?

What About Us Lyrics

We are searchlights, we can see in the dark
We are rockets, pointed up at the stars
We are billions of beautiful hearts
And you sold us down the river too far

What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
What about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?

We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willin’, we came when you called
But man, you fooled us, enough is enough, oh

What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
Oh, what about love? What about trust?
What about us?

Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?

Sticks and stones, they may break these bones
But then I’ll be ready, are you ready?
It’s the start of us, waking up come on
Are you ready? I’ll be ready
I don’t want control, I want to let go
Are you ready? I’ll be ready
‘Cause now it’s time to let them know
We are ready, what about us?

What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
So what about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
Oh, what about love? What about trust?
What about us?

What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?

Get Ready

Regain control of your life and achieve big within a chaotic world. Make sure you’re a part of Humanity 2.0, by downloading the Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor free guide by clicking here.


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A New Type of Darwinism: Survival of The Most Cooperative – Unity Consciousness

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you.
In between, the leader is a servant.”

— Max de Pree

When you were born, you were given a gift.

Do you know what your gift is?

Your gift might have been apparent from a young age or, like most people, your gifts developed and were recognized over time out of direct life experience.

More importantly, do you realize what this means?

It means you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t just as an important as anyone else in all the history of the Universe. Everyone is given at least one gift.

This makes you in league with Plato, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Dr. Stephen Hawking…

Right now, your mind should be blown. Or you might be half scared out of your wits because it means accepting total responsibility for your life — something that’s been sorely lacking.

Will you finally accept the latest form of your soul’s gentle swan song to be your best self, or will you continue to do things the same way you’ve always been doing them?

“To be or not to be.”

— William Shakespeare

One choice will lead you to your highest potential, the other to the barest existence — a slave to culture and conditioning, a.k.a. Society — where you forfeit your sovereignty and self-empowerment.

Individualism: Your Watershed Moment

You, and others like you, are presently awakening to the realization that everything in the Universe is interconnected and interdependent — an expanded form of consciousness called unity consciousness.

The initial stages of unity consciousness are measurable as the qualities found in emotional intelligence, a term brought to our attention by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book by the same name.

Emotional intelligence comprises of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. Do you recognize any of these qualities in yourself?

“True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also
being moved to help relieve it.”

— Daniel Goleman

Something happens in unity consciousness. Not only do you begin to take responsibility for yourself, you realize we’re here to take care of each other.

The simple act of taking responsibility, beginning with yourself,  automatically makes you a leader.

Collectivism: Sovereignty and Service 

Unity consciousness goes beyond the egocentric self, fully cognizant that in a symbiotic world, what you do for another, you ultimately do for yourself.

Collectivism recognizes the overwhelming benefit of aligning ourselves cooperatively rather than in competition for the common good to create win-win scenarios.

“Anyone who has ever achieved true greatness made the leap from separation to unity consciousness utilizing her or his gifts in service of humanity.”  TWEET THIS

Fuelled by the power of collectivism balanced upon a substratum of unabashed individualism, self-leadership has the power to transform your life and the world in less than a decade — something that took lifetimes, even millennia, to accomplish under the old paradigm.

And this time, no one is left behind.

First, you must understand that collectivism defined by unity consciousness is not the historical collectivism derived out of separative thinking that calls for self-sacrifice, which isn’t necessary in an abundant world.

Individualism is a critical component cultivating natural diversity and maintaining checks and balances and thus remains.

New Leadership Blueprint

In unity consciousness, individualism and collectivism unite to transcend egoic self-service, creating a supportive environment for the development of every person’s skills and unique gifts.

This is where you step into your power. This is where you thrive.

When you choose to take responsibility and live your highest potential, you have the support of the entire Universe behind you.

 “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-empowerment and equality are the bedrocks of the New Leadership Blueprint that naturally bring out the leader within.

Yes, finally equality!

Neither you nor anyone else is ever asked to diminish your light for anyone else. In fact, the opposite occurs.

However, all things are not energetically equal. In other words, you will be pushed to let go of bad habits, destructive behaviour — anything in the direct path of your guaranteed success.

You will come to see that personal fulfillment and social responsibility become inseparable as you forge a new way of living and conducting yourself in the world.

Group of people on peak mountain climbing helping team work , success concept

Your Gift Is Your Life’s Purpose 

The new leadership blueprint invites you to step into your life’s purpose, which is your highest potential expressed through your strengths (gifts), also known as your inner genius, making you a beacon of light for others to emulate.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

— Pablo Picasso

That’s all you must do to be a leader. Take responsibility and be on purpose!

Then, when we come together to do what we can’t do alone, we create a sustainable trickle-up world with enough momentum that it becomes its own power source.

Call to Action

You can dumb-down to mirror your surroundings, or you can consciously choose to create an environment conducive to the change you wish to see in your life and the world.

Napoleon Hill said, When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”

Make a decision and never look back.

Generation Z’s TransGenerationals are doing just that. Our youngest generation will be the first generation like no other before us that get we really are here to create Heaven on Earth.

But, what are you going to do?

Are you going to resist? Cave to old habits that are getting you nowhere?

Or are you committed to discovering who you really are?






And that’s without even doing anything yet. Just wait! You get bonus gifts.

You are the gift. Give the gift of you to another.

Immediate Support You Need to Start

The good news is it’s never too late. If this brings up conflicting emotions such as fear and anxiety, check out my free Authentic Life and Emotional Mastery Guides, e-Books, and Reading Guides, and Your Brilliant Future Here Now blog.

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What Unlocking Your 7th Sense Could Mean For You

Because science was not advanced enough to detect and measure 6th and 7th sense energy fields, such phenomena was illegitimized as paranormal, and even ridiculed.  Slowly, as cited by supporting articles found on Collective Evolution, this is beginning to change.

Intimately intertwined within the commonly accepted five senses our body uses to collect information about our external world lies the uncharted territory of our metaphysical world containing extrasensory perception and our chakras. It’s only recently that our sixth sense has come into humanity’s collective awareness. But did you know you have a seventh sense?

It is Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) who is credited with the classification of the primary five sense organs: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. These sense organs contain receptors for specific stimuli that are connected to your body’s nervous system which then sends data to your brain, providing you with useful information about your physical/external world. But what about your essential/internal world?

blog-confusedBuddhists consider the mind to be a sense organ in addition to the five senses. Simultaneously processing the collective data of the first five senses, the mind becomes a gateway, making an exponential or fractal leap to a broader spectrum of perception that includes your internal sensory system. This extrasensory system has been referred to as the psychic realm.

Because science was not advanced enough to detect and measure these energy fields, such phenomena were illegitimized as paranormal, and even ridiculed. Slowly, this is beginning to change.

Our sixth sense has been feared and revered since humans were a much more primitive species, depending on what period of history you had the (mis)fortune of being born in. If you were lucky enough be born into a Native American tribe, you may have been recognized for your inner genius and exalted as your community’s shaman.

But, historically, for the majority of those unacquainted with their internal guidance system, or those subject to culture and conditioning that only recognizes external power sources, much fear-generated misinformation has been disseminated over the centuries, leading the unfortunate to societal ostracization and even death.

Even in modern times, there is still very little information that can be called qualitative. And, to add to the mystery, a seventh sense is coming to light as humanity continues its evolution into higher forms of consciousness.


The difficulty for scientists in collecting empirical data is that the sixth and seventh senses function outside of space and time. The difficulty for non-scientists is that much outlier phenomena is still accredited to external forces or entities—channeling, spirits (good or bad), extraterrestrials, etc.—rather to than to the anomalous experience that is actually happening within.

Sixth sense experiences range from intuition, déjà vu, prescience, to past life parallels. As our conscious mind is always trying to create a linear story out of our experiences, we tend to look for cause and effect to explain a multi-dimensional event. When our mind can’t make two and two equal four, we call it a coincidence.

To demonstrate the complexity contained within your senses, there isn’t even scientific agreement on the number of senses because of differing definitions. Wikipedia states that the senses are divided into the exteroceptive and interoceptive.

Exteroceptive includes the traditional five while interoceptive senses perceive sensations in the internal organs neurologically linked to the brain for the purpose of regulating bodily functions, i.e. regulation of respiration, the sensation of fullness, blushing and more. Add to these sub-groups, the body’s awareness of balance, pain, temperature, pressure, which are derived from the synthesis of multiple senses.

Some “sense” can be made of all this when you understand that your primary senses are inseparable from your chakra system. Chakras are multi-dimensional vortices of energy, as levels of consciousness, resonating at specific frequencies that also line up with the notes on a musical scale. Chakras act as an interface between the dense physical world and the non-physical world of pure consciousness. There are seven notes in a musical scale, seven chakras, and you have seven senses.


While your sixth sense utilizes your feeling body to inform you when your intuition is on or off target, your seventh sense is your doorway to the Universal Self via Unity Consciousness. Bypassing physicality, it is direct access to all information contained within the entire Universe—relative to your physical world. No intermediary or channeling is involved. It has been called the Akashic records by some, or the Hall of Records. Another term coined by this author is The Universal Library.

ChakrasHow do you know you are accessing your seventh sense? Every human being intermittently uses his or her seventh sense, but most do so unconsciously. You are using your seventh sense when you ask the Universe a question and receive the answer as your own thought with such clarity, there is no doubt. It is pure knowing.

You could have recently used your seventh sense for something as inane as walking into an unfamiliar grocery story, wondering where the balsamic vinegar was, and allowing your feet to carry you directly there without questioning why “left” was the thought.

You cultivate your seventh sense when you consciously make use of all the resources available to you in the Universe. Quite literally, nothing can be hidden from you by any part of Creation—past, present, or future. All you have to do is tap into your seventh sense and inquire.

This happens by sitting quietly in contemplation—or remaining in a state of open wonderment. The wonder of a child is still contained within you, as you, and is a gateway to greater knowledge. In reality, all of life is a gateway to higher consciousness or enlightenment—Self-Knowledge.

Want to know how the Universe works? Or mankind’s true history? Ask! The information will flow to you at a level you can understand, the spectrum broadening when you are capable of going deeper. Be advised the information is relative to the physical plane as a more comprehensive version of reality, but is by no means complete. No human nervous system has the capacity to contain the totality of light.

As a fun exercise, if you’d like to go deeper using this article as a jump-off point, then contemplate that there are really twelve notes in a musical scale if you include the half notes, twelve chakras in the body, and the exponential/fractal leap from the individual human is the twelve archetypes commonly referred as the twelve tribes!

Are you able to recognize when you are using your seventh sense? Pay attention throughout your day, cultivating greater awareness until your seventh sense becomes inseparable from the rest of your senses.