USA Eclipse Cobra Interview


A new Cobra interview about the coming Solar eclipse and mass meditation has been published by the Sisterhood of the Rose:

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The Light forces are asking as many people as possible, especially in the US, to participate in our mass meditation at the moment of the total Solar eclipse on April 8th:

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You can join the meditation live in real time in English here: 

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Victory of the Light!

Planetary Situation Update and Phoenix Conference Report


15 minutes before Pluto entered Aquarius, the following small
asteroid impacted the planetary surface near Berlin:

Pluto in Aquarius, existence of underground tunnel networks is going

Pluto progresses though Aquarius, the dark forces on the surface are
deeper and deeper into fear:

of the Indian and African Illuminati networks is proceeding with full
speed. All their bases throughout the Solar system were cleared a few
days ago, and when the Aldebarans were removing their last ships in
Low Earth orbit, this was brought to the attention of the surface

no, it was not the Russians:

the Indian and African Illuminati networks, only about 50,000 members
in the tunnels below temples in India and about 70,000 members in the
tunnel notworks below Subsaharan Africa are still remaining. These
are expected to be cleared in a few weeks as well.

main problem aside the surface Illuminati network is a remnant of the
Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC) that escaped the clearing process
between 2018 and 2020, and remained inactive until now:

February 8th, Orsini family has activated the IBC in order
to prevent the Resistance movement starting the surface operations.

first thing they did was to activate one part of physical biochips
that escaped detection of the Light forces and was inactive until
now. This part of the biochips is a backup processor that is able to
send audio video feed from the brain synapse signals via cell phone
tower network into the main processing center which, according to
sources, is located in an underground facility near the border of
Guinea and Sierra Leone. Although this biochip activity is weak, it
does represent an added layer of control upon the surface population
and it moderately disturbs the plans of the Resistance for the
surface operations. The Light forces will use their technologies to
deactivate that part of the physical biochips relatively soon.

IBC has currently about 18 million mainly Reptilian and Draco members
in humanoid bodies on the physical plane, scattered throughout bases
in the Solar system, mainly in the Kuiper belt, and with a small
base even on Mars. These bases are connected with a network of
jumprooms. All this will also be cleared relatively soon.



the physical plane, the main stronghold of the IBC is a network of
underground tunnels in Western Africa, especially in southern part of
Senegal, in Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast,
Ghana, Togo, Benin and in western Nigeria. This network consists of
about 100,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them
emerge to the surface and are then infiltrated into Europe through
southern Italy posing as migrants.

smaller stronghold is in a tunnel network beneath Colombia and
northwestern Brazil, with about 15,000 Reptilians and Dracos in
humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then
trafficked as migrants into the US through the Darien Gap:

physical subsurface strongholds of the IBC are connected with Solar
system bases with jumprooms, constantly replenishing the supply of
Dracos and Reptilians in both locations.

African IBC stronghold is also connected to the network of secret
biolabs in Africa, all of them under the control of the Orsini

and Guinea Bissau are the center of a Reptilian dark vortex portal that
suppresses Goddess energy. This leads to the horrible living
conditions for women in that area:

whole area of Western Africa which is now the location of the
underground IBC complex was participating in the transatlantic slave
trade for centuries, and that led to horrible energetic conditions in
that region:

healing is needed there, and the Light forces are asking as many
Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani stones to be safely planted in the
Western Africa where the IBC complex is located (blue ellipse on the
map), and in Subsharan Africa in general.

you can see on the map, very few Cintamani stones now exist there:



Ascension Conference in Phoenix was very successful. We have laid the
foundation for the energy work that needs to be done for the United
States in this year to go through the transition in the most
harmonious and peaceful way possible.

conference notes are here:



Chinese team has developed a very interesting app that can connect
Lightworkers worldwide.

English version of the app is here:

the Chinese version here:

of the Light!