2023 Plan for a Freer Future

DailyClout’s 2023 Goals

2022 was an amazing year with a lot accomplished, including the unexpected dump of hundreds of thousands of pages of Pfizer mRNA vaccine trial documents by the FDA.  DailyClout partnered with the War Room to bring together over 3,000 brave volunteers to find evidence of Pfizer mRNA vaccine harms, misinformation and more.  This led to legal action being taken across the country.  In addition, we hosted several webinars with attorneys and legal experts to help citizens learn to file suits against overreaching government officials and employers.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and support!

In 2023, DailyClout plans to continue and expand the fight to protect liberty and ensure the truth reaches those willing to hear it.

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Election Integrity Draft Legislation

In 2020, DailyClout partnered with legal experts to create draft legislation to protect Americans against mask mandates, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, as well as protect freedom of speech and the freedom of movement.  In 2021 and 2022, this draft legislation was voted on and approved in 33 states.

In 2023, DailyClout will take a similar approach to create model legislation to protect the integrity of America’s election systems.  We have initiated partnerships with nonprofits and legal firms to begin this process.



DailyClout’s platform will be used to coordinate state-by-state efforts to introduce and pass this legislation by building grassroots support and facilitating citizen outreach to lawmakers.



Technology – BillCam and Campaigns

Over the past four years, DailyClout’s BillCam has evolved into a robust source of real-time information about legislation as it makes its way through state legislatures and the federal government.

In 2023, we will release new capabilities within BillCam to broaden its use among citizens and also business users, ensuring that legislators are held accountable to voters and donors.

DailyClout members will be able to subscribe to dedicated feeds from BillCam focused on their specific interests.  These custom feeds will be available on the DailyClout website and also embeddable into other websites.

We’ll enable users to create Campaigns around bills and rally support or opposition amongst their peers by empowering them to share Campaigns and bills at scale via social media, email, chat and more.



We’ll also empower other organizations to leverage the Campaigns platform
by embedding their own campaigns into their own websites.


mRNA Vaccine Trial Research

The objectives of our Pfizer mRNA vaccine trial research effort has been:

  • To identify discrepancies between public statements by government, manufacturer officials, and medical professionals and the actual data available via Pfizer’s vaccine clinical trials.
  • To identify evidence during the trials of significant harms.
  • To curate this evidence and work with legal experts to initiate legal action against those involved.

To date, DailyClout, the War Room volunteers and our legal partners have filed legal letters about CDC misinformation with state Attorneys General, sent legal letters to hospital administrators regarding Remdisivir and filed actions to protect children from forced vaccination.  Read more about the incredible achievements of the WarRoom volunteers here.

DailyClout and the War Room volunteers will continue to pour through the existing and future drops of mRNA vaccine trial documents by Pfizer.  In addition, DailyClout will partner with other organizations to perform similar research on expected document releases by Moderna and AstraZeneca.

In 2023, we will continue to work closely with our legal partners to use the evidence gathered through the hard work of the War Room volunteers to hold officials accountable and ensure that medical freedom is protected. These include:

  • Seeking injunctive and declaratory relief to stop a wide range of unconstitutional government actions designed to force vaccination on the American people.
  • Legally target “public service” ads (PSAs) falsely touting the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines, especially those directed at children who are at near zero risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19.
  • Sending additional letters to state Attorneys General, as well as county Attorneys General, encouraging them to investigate and prosecute CDC officials for reckless endangerment and similar crimes.
  • Seek state-level hearings by legislatures to look into why state and local health authorities continue to rely on CDC recommendations despite the availability of vast amounts of scientific and medical information that clearly show the CDC recommendations contradict the most current science.

Facts and Information You Can Trust and Use

Of course, DailyClout will continue to focus on publishing the facts you need to know.  Especially those that mainstream media refuse to discuss.

We’ll bring educational information empowering you to be a more proactive and effective citizen.  We’ll bring you original content from filmmakers like Claire Dooley and others.  We’ll bring you insightful journalism from Etana Hecht, Kate Melgoza and our network of independent, freedom minded journalists, including our own Dr. Naomi Wolf.

And, we will stand ready to respond to the continued abuse of our liberties by the powerful, wherever they arise.




Please Join Our Fight

The above is just a portion of the important work DailyClout will do in 2023.  All of it is expensive and fraught with risk.  We cannot accomplish our goals without the generous support of people like you.  Please make a donation to DailyClout today so that we can initiate our plans quickly and with the necessary resources.

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Protecting Freedom in 2022

2022 Retrospective

The DailyClout team wants to say THANK YOU for everything you’ve done in 2022 to hold back over reaching tyrants and protect our freedoms!  Each of us plays a crucial role, from research and journalism to sharing information with friends and on social media.

There is much more to be done in 2023, but first take a look at just some of the things we all accomplished in 2022!

We’ve put together a summary of a few of the most impactful milestones in the past year:

  • Legal Webinars to Help Citizens Fight Back Against Officials and Employers
  • Five Freedoms Draft Legislation to Protect Freedoms
  • Pfizer Vaccine Trial Research

Thank you to the WarRoom Volunteers and all DailyClout Members for all of your hard work and support!

To continue the fight to protect liberty in 2023, we’ll need your continued support.  Please support DailyClout so that we can continue to empower you to protect our freedoms and hold officials accountable.

Five Freedoms

In 2021, DailyClout partnered with Attorney Deana Sacks to create draft legislation protecting our fundamental freedoms of speech, educational choice and medical freedom.  The Five Freedoms bills were published and shared with legislators across the country, directly impacting the passage of new laws in 2021 and 2022, in several states, establishing firm protections against government overreach.  Here are a few examples of legislative successes:



New Hampshire included state medical facilities in medical freedom statutes in February 2022.





Michigan passed limits on vaccine mandates and vaccine passports in October 2021.

Michigan Republicans introduced employer mandate prohibitions in February 2022.




Maine passed election integrity law in March 2022.



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to protect our freedoms and hold officials accountable.

Pfizer Results

In March of 2022, DailyClout partnered with the WarRoom to bring together over 3,000 volunteers to pour through over 300,000 pages of vaccine trial documentation released by Pfizer, as part of a FOIA filing.  DailyClout’s Amy Kelly organized the WarRoom volunteers into teams of medical experts, attorneys and dedicated citizens to research all of the vaccine trial documentation, uncovering clear evidence of serious harms caused by the vaccine during the trials.

The findings of the research teams can be reviewed here.  In addition to publishing the technical findings of the volunteers, DailyClout partnered with legal experts to take action to hold officials accountable based upon these findings.

  • DailyClout partnered with Health Freedom Defense Fund to file a petition with the FDA to halt Covid vaccines in children.
  • DailyClout partnered with Health Freedom Defense Fund and JW Howard Attorneys to send a legal letter to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Hospitals, one of the largest hospital operators in the nation, regarding misuse of Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 in their hospitals.
  • DailyClout partnered with War Room/Daily Clout Pfizer Documents Analysis volunteer attorney George Smith and Health Freedom Ohio to seek injunctive and declaratory relief to stop a wide range of unconstitutional government actions designed to force universal vaccination on the American people. Still in development, this suit should be filed before the end of January 2023 and will target the “public service” ads touting the safety and efficacy of the vaccines — especially those directed at vaccinating children.
  • DailyClout partnered with several War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis attorney volunteers to send legal letters to Attorneys General in multiple states to: bring attention to Pfizer COVID vaccine harms to pregnant women; request enforcement action related to deceptive advertising of COVID-19 experimental mRNA COVID vaccines; oppose California’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and boosters for school children; and call for consideration state-level investigations and prosecutions of CDC officials for reckless endangerment or similar crimes.

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Legal Webinars


Take Legal Action against school officials



  • Criminal charges against public officials involved in forcing masks and vaccines onto citizens.
  • Criminal charges against individuals involved in forcing masks and vaccines onto children. DailyClout partnered with Attorney James Ostrowski to conduct webinars teaching citizens how to file: Civil complaints against officials enforcing mask mandates.




How to legally fight back against employer mandated vaccines.







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to protect our freedoms and hold officials accountable.


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